Donald Trump Trolled After Leaked Report Reveals White House Infested With Rats, Bugs

U.S. President Donald Trump is hilariously trolled on Twitter and Facebook after an official White House maintenance order revealed that the building's ground is infested by cockroaches, ants, and mice. As a result, people on social media are relating the situation to President Donald Trump's stay in the Oval Office.

According to the maintenance orders obtained by NBC 4 Washington, officials made hundreds of requests this year for repairs and equipment. Interestingly, pest control is also requested to deal with vermin in the White House, including mice in the Situation Room and the White House Navy mess food service area.

In addition, other requests reported at least four parts of the building have been plagued by cockroaches. Elsewhere a colony of ants was discovered in the office of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Prior to this, Trump's administration has also been plagued by massive controversies affecting the people's perception of his presidency. Members of his cabinets and some appointed officials under his recommendations were often ousted from office due to scandals. This shakes up his unprecedented win over Hillary Clinton, whose support system remains a threat to his term.

Moreover, due to these shakeups in Trump's presidency, most of the American people feel either betrayed or abandoned. Their sentiments are reflected in the steady fluctuation of Trump's approval ratings in the recent surveys, where only around 35 percent of the population finds him favorable.

Thus, when the Hill picked up the report of bug infestation in the actual White House and shared it online, people quickly responded.

As its current occupant, Trump, together with some members of his family and personal staff, became an easy target of criticism and jokes from online trolls.

For example, one commenter said, "The Hill finally discovers that Trump and Family are living in the White House."

Another one also tweeted his plans for doing maintenance check at the Trump Towers, saying, "When you have trash moving into the WHITE HOUSE no wonder it's full of vermin. I'd check trump tower also."

Meanwhile, even stronger opinions were expressed in the comment section of the Hill's Facebook page.

One commenter said, "Don't forget the giant orange Russian rat in the Oval Office!"

Another user wrote, "The White House is infested with something far worse than cockroaches and mice, something that has thus infected the entire world."