Katy Perry: Why She Finds The Weeknd Dating Rumors Funny Amid Selena Gomez Concerns

Rich FuryGetty Images

Katy Perry is said to have loved hearing that Selena Gomez was shocked about the singer’s dinner gathering with The Weeknd last week.

As previously reported, Gomez wasn’t even aware that her ex-boyfriend had been close to the “Swish Swish” singer, adding that the pairing seemed odd, but she supposedly didn’t want to focus her attention on it.

Now, it’s being reported by Perez Hilton, that Katy Perry is somewhat getting back at Selena — but it’s not intentional, by any means.

Supposedly, Katy Perry had plans to meet up with The Weeknd for quite some time, with an insider mentioning that they are nothing more than good friends, who have been supporting each other’s career for months.

Their get-together was very innocent and shouldn’t be feeling any sort of rumors regarding a possible romance because that simply isn’t the case.

However, Katy Perry reportedly hasn’t forgotten about the time she was publicly humiliated when ex-boyfriend Orlando Bloom was spotted getting cozy with Gomez during the time they were still together.

Many had assumed Selena was cheating with the actor at the time, though a rep would go on to stress that their pairing was nothing more than two friends having a fun time together.

And while Katy Perry was aware of this, she’s laughing at the supposed fact that Selena thinks she’s dating her ex-boyfriend, because it’s somewhat how she felt when the same situation happened to her, upon being filled in that the “Come & Get It” hitmaker was just a pal.

There’s no bad blood between the two singers, but Katy Perry felt it seemed rather laughable that the former Disney Channel star would go on to think that by an innocent dinner get-together, her former partner is hooking up with her.

News of Katy Perry’s slight revenge at Selena comes just weeks after the singer made it known she had remained single for the past couple of months to focus on her career amid being on tour to promote her latest album, Witness.

It doesn’t seem as if Katy Perry has relationship drama on her mind right now.