Kurt Angle Says Braun Strowman Can Be As Great As This Future Hall Of Fame Talent


When Braun Strowman first entered the WWE, he was the big man member of The Wyatt Family, the muscle that made sure that Bray Wyatt got what he wanted. However, he was very green and inexperienced. Many sources said he had talents that the WWE was holding back on displaying, and he struggled to work his way up in the rankings. However, since he had two different WrestleMania matches canceled due to inexperience, Strowman has finally made it to the top of the WWE. According to WWE Hall of Fame legend Kurt Angle, he sees similarities between Strowman and another superstar that will one day enter the WWE Hall of Fame.

Braun Strowman Looks Like A Young…

According to Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman has the talent to be as good of a big man in the ring as The Undertaker. The comment was made in an interview with The Wrestling Estate and Angle said that Braun could be one of the best big men in WWE history.

Angle called Braun Strowman a “one of a kind” wrestler and he has told Braun this face-to-face. Angle reminds fans that Strowman was not a pure athlete coming into the WWE but was instead a strongman competitor. Angle said that he gives Strowman the most credit for picking up the business so quickly and is surprised at how good of an athlete he is, on top of his mastery of ring psychology.


Braun Strowman’s Future In The WWE

It is a huge compliment for Kurt Angle to point out the psychology Braun Strowman uses in the WWE, as well as how fast he picked up the business. No one in the history of the WWE has ever really picked up the business like Kurt did when he debuted.

Angle was an Olympic gold medalist with little experience in the acting-style needed in wrestling. Despite that, he came in and just jumped right into it, becoming one of the best in-ring talents in WWE history and also one of the best on the mic. Strowman might not be as good on the mic but he has the rest down pat.

Braun Strowman was supposed to wrestle both The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania events but both matches were canceled and Strowman ended up at ringside at one event and in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in the second.

Now, it looks like Braun Strowman will end up wrestling in one of the main event matches at WrestleMania 34, with the current WWE rumors indicating it could be against Triple H.