‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Spoilers: Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Final Rose Recipient Revealed By Reality Steve [Updated]

Imeh AkpanudosenGetty Images

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 lead and his journey to find love begins airing in January. Filming for Season 22 recently completed in Peru and gossip guru Reality Steve is now revealing spoilers regarding what down from hometowns through the final rose ceremony. Is Luyendyk engaged and if so, which lady received the proposal?

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s final rose was handed out on November 17. The gossip king tweeted about the finale being filmed that day, and he shared pictures of host Chris Harrison and diamond king Neil Lane at the airport heading back to the States a couple of days later. Shortly after the airport picture, Steve tweeted about how he was making a list and checking it twice, determined to make sure he had the spoilers detailing the ending to Arie’s season right before posting about it.

The gossip guru teased that the information regarding Luyendyk’s ending was coming, but then it took a little more than a week to release the scoop he had gathered. After initially getting the ending to Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette journey wrong, Steve clearly wanted to make sure his ducks were in a row regarding these Bachelor spoilers for Arie’s journey.

Why did it take Reality Steve a bit longer than anticipated to share his Bachelor spoilers regarding Luyendyk’s final rose? In his latest blog post, he revealed that the delay beyond verifying the information was due to another lawsuit threat by the production company behind the show.

Despite the threats from production, the gossip king is revealing the spoilers he has uncovered and fans are anxious to see how these Bachelor teasers for Luyendk’s finale sync up with other rumors floating around. There had been some speculation a while back about the likely final rose recipient, but now Reality Steve is detailing the Bachelor spoilers he’s put together regarding what actually went down.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Tia Booth, Raven Gates’ friend, was eliminated after the hometown dates, and bachelorette Kendall Long was eliminated after the overnight dates in Peru. That means that if his teasers are accurate, Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham are the final two for Luyendyk’s season. Which one supposedly snagged Arie’s final rose?

As the gossip king points out, it is typically a curse to get the first one-on-one of the season. These early frontrunners usually end up eliminated long before the final rose ceremony, but Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers note that the curse was broken this time. As had been rumored in some spoiler circles, Becca snagged the proposal from Arie over Lauren.

Will Arie and Becca Kufrin beat the odds and eventually walk down the aisle? Unfortunately, it’s rare for a Bachelor couple to make it to that point and there are plenty of skeptics when it comes to Season 22 in particular. Despite the doubters, people are buzzing about the spoilers for this upcoming season and everybody will be anxious to see how the path to Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s final rose ceremony plays out this winter on ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season.

Update: In a stunning twist, Reality Steve’s spoilers have revealed that Luyendyk turned everything about his season upside down after that final rose ceremony. While Arie did pick Becca initially, they have reportedly split and he has reconciled with Lauren to see if they can make their relationship work. How will this play out with fans when the “After the Final Rose” airs?