‘Bachelor’ 2018 Spoilers: Reality Steve Teases Potential Arie Luyendyk Jr. Shocker On The Way [Updated Rumors]

People have already been buzzing about ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season with Arie Luyendyk Jr. and some rumors are swirling that the buzz may be escalating soon. Gossip guru Reality Steve has already shared Bachelor spoilers regarding the Season 22 ending, but he has just revealed that something unusual has taken place that has the potential to change everything.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers previously revealed that Arie Luyendyk Jr. did propose to his final rose recipient and Luyendyk himself has essentially spoiled the ending via social media posts. The gossip king now says that there is a potential shocker that he is investigating that involves Arie and a woman who was not his final rose recipient.

The buzz is that a photo was shared online this week that reportedly showed Bachelor production people, supposedly along with Luyendyk, at the home of Lauren Burnham. The gathering was said to be at the Virginia home of Lauren’s parents and Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that the fact that these folks were all together has been confirmed.

Reality Steve isn’t the only one noting this photo and supposed gathering at the Burnham home. Before the blogger posted about this Arie and Lauren situation, the Bachelor spoiler fans at the Bach and Bachette Fan Forum were buzzing about it. However, so far, nobody seems to know what was going on inside the house.


Bachelor spoilers regarding this Luyendyk and Burnham situation will surely emerge soon, but the speculation about what’s going on is escalating quickly. This could be something monumental and wild, or there could be a simple explanation for the gathering. At the very least, this is very unusual, and Reality Steve says that he’s been hearing some interesting stuff about this season. He noted that once he is able to confirm what he’s hearing, he’ll share spoilers explaining it all.

Why would Luyendyk and folks from the production side of the show head to Virginia to meet with Burnham at this point of the season when the ending is supposed to remain under wraps? Some wonder if this is being done as some sort of closure opportunity for Arie and Lauren, perhaps in anticipation of Burnham becoming the Bachelorette 2018 lead. That could be the case, but this seems pretty early to be doing something like that.

Could Arie be “pulling a Mesnick” where he has split with his supposed fiancee and is now pursuing Lauren instead? That is a common theory among the Bachelor spoiler fans who are speculating about this, but many would think the producers would have handled something like this in a far more private setting. Another popular wild theory is that Lauren could be pregnant, which would be a huge deal for the show and cause all sorts of chaos.

At the same time, a few Bachelor spoiler fans suggest that there could have been a need to film new footage for Burnham’s supposed hometown date or something relatively innocuous. That would still be extremely unusual, and based on what Reality Steve has teased, it sounds as if the gathering was for something bigger than that.

There are other bits of speculation floating around about this, such as the idea that Luyendyk’s final gal initiated a split, perhaps to reunite with an ex, and this left Arie looking to connect with Lauren to see if the sparks still flew between them. Some wonder if this could all be a major ploy on the part of production to cast doubt on the Bachelor spoilers that have already emerged.

Spoiler fans at the Bach and Bachette Fan Forums have sensed some slight changes in how Arie and his final lady have been using their social media pages, which could lend more support to the speculation that Luyendyk’s engagement has not held up well since filming that final rose ceremony.

Is this apparent gathering of production and Arie Luyendyk Jr. at the family home of Lauren Burnham something major or is there a simple explanation for this? Additional Bachelor spoilers regarding this should emerge soon and everybody will be curious to see if it turns Season 22 upside down or not.

Updated: Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers are now sharing the scoop on what this is all supposedly about. If he is correct, then Luyendyk did indeed “pull a Mesnick.” Supposedly Arie split with his final gal and is now dating Lauren, his runner-up. If this does all pan out to be true, and Reality Steve says he’s confident, this will certainly have fans talking over the coming months!