Harry Styles An Ideal For Meghan Trainor, But Bad For Artificial Intelligence

Harry Styles has been in England during the early days of March, and in the headlines he has been defended by both Noel Gallagher's daughter and Meghan Trainor's mother -- but Harry has been rejected by artificial intelligence researchers.

Meghan Trainor needs to get a boyfriend, she says, and her mother is putting her focus on celebrities like Harry Styles. Meghan Trainor said she has not had a boyfriend or a serious relationship since she was 18, and it has been speculated that she has had a crush on Harry Styles before.

According to the Daily Record, Harry Styles is perfect for Meghan, as per the advice of Meghan Trainor's mother, because she says that her daughter needs to focus on dating a fellow celebrity.

Harry Styles is one of Meghan Trainor's 1D pals
Meghan Trainor is close to many of One Direction -- not just Harry Styles. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Sony Music Entertainment)

Evidently, when Meghan Trainor is attempting to date or be friends with someone that is a celebrity like Harry Styles, things go south for her quickly because of social media and aggressive fans.

For example, about Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor, they state that the two were previously "linked" when he helped her write a song, and they claimed that harassment from Harry Styles about the rumors caused her to change her phone number.

Although it was not officially confirmed if Meghan Trainor has a new crush on Harry Styles, she did get a chance to tease him about his hair at the Grammys.

Speaking of Harry Styles and being teased, Noel Gallagher of Oasis is currently getting a great deal of shade from his daughter over previous comments he made about One Direction.

In the recent past, Noel Gallagher stated One Direction was "boring" and that "Harry Styles has nothing to say for himself," according to a Daily Mail report from November 2015.

Now, UnReality TV claims that Noel Gallagher is getting a lot of flack from his daughter for his opinions about Harry Styles, and she was quoted as saying the following about the tension it causes:

"I'm a massive One Direction fan and my dad is never nice about them. I have had a moments where I'm like, 'they're great'. He's like, 'Anais, I see where you're coming from and maybe for a teenage girl [One Direction is great], but they are not great."
Regardless of Noel Gallagher's comments, Harry Styles is definitely one of the biggest music celebrities in the world, and Simon Cowell would be unlucky to lose him. Interestingly, this appears to be possible, because Harry Styles has joined up with new management that is making some new changes.

In particular, Billboard explains that Harry Styles decided to start working with Jeffrey Azoff. Azoff left his company, CAA, to open another one called Full Stop.

Of course, this instantly fueled rumors that One Direction would officially break up because of what Harry Styles was doing with Azoff, but MNR Daily claims that Liam Payne is directly denying that One Direction is splitting up because of Harry Styles (or any other reason).

Although Harry Styles has been on the receiving end of negative criticism, Yahoo claims that his friends are also good at dealing it. Allegedly, Harry Styles' best friend, Nick Grimshaw, has been critical of Zayn Malik's tracklist and has even been accused of "mocking" the font on Twitter.

Regardless, this is not the weirdest news that Harry Styles has been involved with as of late. J-14 highlights that Harry Styles has received some of the strangest fan gifts, and at least one of them is related to the bathroom.

And Pop is also making things awkward by making sure that Harry Styles' life is protected with their stern advice for fans. In short, they want to make sure that Harry Styles never again has an audience that throws objects at him while he is performing on stage.

Harry Styles is rejected by researchers for artificial intelligence
Everyone is hot for Harry Styles, but fan fiction about him is evidently not the right fit for artificial intelligence researchers. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

In the end, one of the oddest things written about Harry Styles in the month of March relates to fan fiction written about him. According to Can Tech Letter, the fan fiction website Wattpad is providing researchers at Stanford University with all of the essential data they need to perfect artificial intelligence.

What might be shocking for fans is that they are training their artificial intelligence program "Augur" to avoid collecting information about Harry Styles and stated the following.

"[T]he researchers introduced their own bias into the Wattpad universe by telling Augur to ignore the vast quantity of stories that repeat keywords like "dirty", "imagine", "One Direction" and/or "Harry Styles", which would probably have produced a significantly different outcome for users than helping them locate their [car] keys."
[Picture by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]