Trump Presses The Wrong Twitter Button And Attacks Theresa May, A Woman With Fewer Than 10 Twitter Followers

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

President Donald Trump is facing lots of backlash online after he pressed the wrong button on Twitter and exposed a woman to a level of fame that she says she never sought. According to the Washington Post, Trump thought he was tweeting an attack against Theresa May, the British prime minister. Instead, President Trump was tweeting at a Theresa May who rarely used her Twitter account.

The real Theresa May’s verified Twitter account can be found at @theresa_may on Twitter, with an underscore between her first name and last name in her Twitter handle. The “Prime Minister and Leader” also has the official verified blue checkmark next to her name, which would have showed up when Trump typed in May’s Twitter account handle, allowing the president to verify the person he was tweeting prior to publishing the tweet.

The wrong woman that Trump tweeted joined Twitter in February of 2009. She only has six followers and is listed under the Twitter name Theresa Scrivener, whose tweets are now protected, meaning that “only confirmed followers have access to @theresamay’s Tweets and complete profile.”

Trump tweeted Scrivener before correcting his mistake and tweeting Prime Minister May, but not before Twitter users garnered screenshots of the president tweeting the wrong woman at 1 a.m. GMT.


Twitter users pointed out Trump’s mistake, adding to the latest controversies surrounding mistakes and missteps made by the president. As seen in the above video, Joe Scarborough spoke about fearing for Trump’s mental health, alleging that even Trump’s friends claim he is suffering from dementia, according to the Hill.

President Trump was attempting to respond to May’s criticism of Trump retweeting three anti-Muslim videos on Wednesday, November 29. Trump made his correction about 14 minutes after his original Twitter mistake. Twitter users wrote about feeling bad for Theresa Scrivener, with the previously unknown woman waking up to a controversial tweet from Trump.

Meanwhile, Scrivener wants an apology from the White House and said that if she had wanted to be famous, she would have tried to appear on The X Factor, as reported by the Mirror. It is unclear if Trump will apologize.