Kylie Jenner Has So Many Friends That Kendall Is Jealous -- Is Kim Kardashian Worried This Will Change?

Sandra Hajda

Yesterday, Hollywood Life reported that Kim Kardashian was worried that pregnancy was turning her little sister Kylie into a hermit.

A source told the publication that Kim has been worried that Kylie is becoming a recluse, withdrawing into herself and seeing friends less as her pregnancy progresses.

The source even said that Kim is worried Kylie will become like Rob, the most private Kardashian sibling, who reportedly "wants nothing to do with the world," according to Daily Mail.

Kim apparently said that she understands that dealing with celebrity is hard. However, the source reported that Kim believes that Kylie needs to get out more, and Kim has been encouraging Kylie to do so.

The story was widely reported on November 29. However, Gossip Cop is now reporting that it was entirely made up!

The new report states that Rob has been living like a hermit for years, but Kylie has been "omnipresent" until very recently, and that is only because she is not ready to be seen pregnant yet.

The writer states repeatedly that Kylie is self-conscious about being seen pregnant and that is the only reason why she has kept a lower profile recently.

Indeed, a separate swathe of reports from yesterday were saying that Kim was encouraging Kylie to embrace her pregnancy curves. Life and Style Mag reports that Kim was urging Kylie to accept her pregnancy body and learn to see it as sexy.

The Gossip Cop report slams Hollywood Life as a purveyor of untruths and sheer nonsense. The Gossip Cop writer ridicules Hollywood Life by referring to it repeatedly as "HollywoodLies"!

The writer assures us that the story about Kylie's reclusiveness is untrue and Kylie is far from becoming a hermit.

Kylie has long been known as one of the most gregarious of the Kardashian siblings. Years ago, a number of reports -- including one by Hollywood Life -- even claimed that Kendall Jenner was jealous that Kylie had so many friends. The report stated that Kendall would cry alone in her bedroom because she was so upset that Kylie had so many friends and she didn't!

Kendall told Vogue magazine that she has always been a loner and was definitely jealous of Kylie, who never had that problem.

Kendall Jenner is a supermodel who has walked the Victoria's Secret runway and been linked to a number of celebrities including One Direction's Harry Styles. Kylie Jenner is known for her relationships with Travis Scott and rapper Tyga, and for her hugely-popular apps and beauty lines, particularly the notorious Kylie Jenner lip kits, which assist in achieving the full, pouty lips that Kylie Jenner is famous for.

The teen attracted criticism when she had her lips artificially plumped-up many years ago. Jenner admitted that she had always been self-conscious about her thin lips.