Maci Bookout Slammed For Putting Kids In Danger, Not Much Better Than Drug User Ryan Edwards?

Maci Bookout is back for another season of Teen Mom OG, and she has quite the challenge ahead of her. While Maci didn't want to argue with Mackenzie about Ryan Edwards' drug problem, she's now revealing that it is hard to be open and honest about his problems when he's protected by his new wife, Mackenzie. Maci had opened up to her Teen Mom OG co-stars on the show last season, as she was scared that Ryan would do something stupid. But his wife felt that she was exploiting his problems to get an interesting storyline.

On the show, Bookout has been very vocal about how she feels about Ryan's drug use. She clearly wants him to be sober so he can be the best father for Bentley, but she's ready to use drastic measures to protect her son. However, it may be possible that Maci is forgetting that she's being filmed all the time, as she recently texted while driving. According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout is now being slammed for her behavior, and fans believe that she's putting her children's lives in danger as well. Apparently, what she's doing is being compared to Ryan's drug use.

"Wow Maci your texting while driving with your kids but yet your scared that Ryan has Bentley in a car while using drugs and basically your doing the same put your kids in danger," one person wrote to Maci Bookout on her Instagram photo of her doing an ad, revealing that Bookout was very judgmental about Ryan driving a car with her son, Bentley, when she was putting him in danger as well with texting and driving.

Of course, this follower does have a point. While texting and drug use can't really be compared, Maci is putting herself and her children in danger by texting and driving. A distracted driver can easily put others in danger as well. It might not have been a huge issue if it wasn't for Maci calling out Ryan for his irresponsible behavior. Many feel that she's being hypocritical for calling out Ryan for his mistakes but then openly uses her phone while she's behind the wheel. This isn't the first time that she's been slammed by viewers. She was also drinking shortly after birth. She has often been slammed for drinking beers in front of her children.

Maci Bookout is back for Teen Mom OG next Monday night on MTV. She's joined by her cast members Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham, and Amber Portwood.