'Counting On' Still Not Renewed For A Seventh Season, Is It Over For Good?

Fiona Miller

Counting On, the TLC spin-off featuring the Duggar family's grown children as they make their way in the world, has still not been renewed for a seventh season. While the show is still featured on the TLC website, there has been no premiere date set for a new season.

Fans of Counting On have been hoping that their favorite Christian mega-family will return to the small screen, but it seems that TLC has not yet made any announcements or decisions, which doesn't necessarily look good for the show this late in the television season.

TLC has announced that they have fired Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar Dillard's husband, after he made several remarks about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings. Jazz, who is transgender, was targeted in a series of tweets by Derick who claimed that she was actually a male and that her parents shouldn't be allowing her to live as a female. He also stated multiple times that gender is ordained by God and that being transgender is a myth. As such, many fans called for his firing, but it may have led to the show being canceled altogether.

Die-hard Duggar fans, however, believe that Derick should be able to say whatever he wants without recourse, as they have incorrectly cited the First Amendment in his defense. They also believe that he is stating the word of God, so he should not face punishment.

Fans of the show have stated that the newest series has started to become a little trite, as they continue to only show courtships, marriages, and births. Many have stated that they should show the family in other situations, such as celebrating Christmas or other things the family might do together, instead of maintaining such a strong focus on marriage.