Jill Duggar Wears Pants, Husband Derick Shows Them Off: Will It Help ‘Counting On’?

Jill Duggar caused quite a stir when she got her nose pierced last week. Now, it seems she is going to wear pants more often in public, and her husband Derick Dillard will show them off.

Once out of bounds for Duggar girls, pants have now become a staple in their wardrobes. Though images have shown them sporting tracks or leggings, wearing pants when out to meet people, mainly at formal or conservative gatherings, would have seemed far-fetched until Jinger Vuolo broke the taboo. Jeremy Vuolo was credited for Jinger’s transformation. The couple’s decision to not rush into pregnancy after marriage also helped win over critics. If responses to Jill Duggar’s latest images are an indication, Derick Dillard may just be able to make peace with his critics.

Derick shared an image taken with author and Family Life co-founder Dennis Rainey on Sunday. In the image, Jill Duggar is seen wearing jeans. Derick’s followers, who have largely been critical of his tweets in recent past, did not miss his wife’s changed look.

“I’m excited Jill is wearing pants here,” one individual tweeted.

“I love that Jill is wearing pants now and that she has her nose pierced,” reads another tweet.

Jill Duggar first showed off her nose piercing during the Duggar family Thanksgiving gathering last week, evoking support from fans and critics.

Derick Dillard landed in the eye of a storm after talking about TLC show I am Jazz by calling it “non-reality.” His views were deemed transphobic. TLC announced it had severed ties with him, according to Fox News. Criticism against Derick was also directed at his wife Jill Duggar when she attempted to promote her husband’s fundraising campaign. Doubts have been cast about her future on Counting On.

At a family outing in Silver Dollar City earlier this month, Jill was photographed wearing jeans. As the 26-year-old is usually seen in skirts, her wardrobe change is being billed as a slackening of rules within the Duggar clan. The timing of Jill’s outings, wearing pants, also raises eyebrows, as it comes in the wake of Derick Dillard’s ouster from Counting On.


Jill and Derick have often been compared with Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo, more frequently after Derick’s tweets about Jazz Jennings. The Twitter storm that his tweets have created see Derick making attempts to address critics, by distancing himself from Bill Gothard and IBLP for instance, but without much avail.

With Jill wearing pants, sporting a nose stud, and the possibility of other Duggar girls following suit, public opinion could swing in her family’s favor by taking some attention off of the Derick Dillard-Jazz Jennings controversy. Without a major plotline for future seasons, barring Joy-Anna Duggar’s pregnancy, negative publicity can hurt the show’s ratings.

The breather could also help the Duggars as Counting On has not been as popular as 19 Kids and Counting before Josh Duggar’s scandals forced TLC to take the show off the air. An estimated 1.42 million viewers watched Joseph Duggar’s wedding that aired October 23, before last season concluded. The last episode of 19 Kids and Counting was watched by over 1.6 million viewers on May 19, 2015.

[Featured Image by Jill Dillard/Instagram]