Did Jill Duggar Get Nose Pierced For Family Thanksgiving?

Jill Duggar may have just become the talk of Thanksgiving weekend. An image suggests she got her nose pierced to sport a stud at a Duggar family gathering.

While that may not sound out of the ordinary, fan reactions indicate why it’s a big deal; she is a Duggar. The Duggar family’s conservative dressing norms prohibit women from showing their knees, bare shoulders, neckline, navel, or exposing any part of their feminine selves in ill-fitting clothes. Ear piercing is allowed, though. These norms also require that clothing not blur gender distinction – pants are for men. Consequently, Jill’s sister, Jinger, caused an internet meltdown earlier this year, when she was first seen in jeans. Her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, is credited with Jinger’s wardrobe change.

That may seem out of place in the real world, but the Duggar girls, including Jill, have reportedly devised ways to avoid running into immodest women. In their book Growing Up Duggar, the girls say they have code words, like “Nike,” to warn their menfolk of women in “sensual” attire, according to Cosmopolitan.

Just when Duggar family followers thought Jinger’s rebellion against ways of her family would not rub off on her sisters, Jill Duggar sent shock waves by sporting pants in public during a recent outing to Silver Dollar City. While fans loved it, critics opined it was an attempt to divert attention from the flak Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, was taking for criticizing a fellow TLC personality, Jazz Jennings. Just a day before images surfaced showing Jill in pants, Derick’s ouster from Counting On was announced.

That notwithstanding, an image from this year’s Duggar family Thanksgiving gathering suggests Jill may have followed through with a nose piercing. The image is currently the first picture in the family album.


“Am I seeing things or does Jill now have her nose pierced??” wrote one surprised fan in response to the image.

“Well, Jinger is wearing jeans, and shorts. Once they get married, they don’t have to live by their parents rule. So I’m betting Jill getting her nose pierced is something her, and Derrick talked about, and decided just to do it,” reads a comment that appears to explain Jill’s actions.

Many, who felt the image was not adequate proof of a piercing, said it looked like Jill’s skin was breaking out. That, however, did little to take the attention away. Soon enough, queries about Jill Duggar’s “piercing” and “nose ring” were breaking out on Google. Viewers were also quick to point out that Jill’s knees were exposed in the image, but that did not draw attention away from her nose.

Jill’s future with Counting On was questioned after her husband Derick Dillard was cut off from the show. The network announced Derick has not been featured in the recent past and it had no plans to include him in the Duggar family show.

[Featured Image by Jill Dillard/Instagram]