‘Inuyashiki: The Last Hero’ Speculations For Episode 8: Shishigami’s Battles With Morality Yet Again

During Episode 7 of Inuyashiki: The Last Hero, the anime featured a different side to Hiro Shishigami. He went from the killing machine who virtually shot trolls online to this approachable, vulnerable teenager.

After he was found out, thanks to an anonymous source, his efforts to try to connect with his mother, Yuko, crashed down. Yuko, after being harassed online and by the press, decided to take her life.

Shishigami was lost but he was taken in by his classmate Shion Watanabe who previously confessed her feelings for him. Shion gave him a safe haven because she believed he was not the murderer.

In Episode 7, Shion was faced with the facts. She tried to talk to Shishigami about the possible suspect at-large, but instead of agreeing with her, Shishigami simply told her the truth.

Undeterred by what she knew, Shion encouraged Shishigami to change. Based on the previous episode with Shishigami and his mother, Shion seemed to have been the replacement for his adoration.

Shishigami decided that Shion and her grandmother will now be his new family and he even promised to be with her “forever.”

The touching scenes of them flying into the sky felt like there’s a chance for redemption for the antagonist. Shion seemed to be the beacon of light that continued after Yuko died.

Shishigami went to cure people all over Japan. With Shion’s help, the two went anonymously reaching out to those who need “miracles” to be healed. They were even counting the tally of the people Shishigami killed versus the ones he had healed.

The episode was a hopeful one. Amidst Shishigami’s losing battle with his pursuit of his humanity, he found a person who can guide him throughout his journey.

However, the episode ended up with a task force guarding up Shion’s house while they were all asleep. This brings back the memories of when Shishigami had just decided to stop killing for the sake of his mother but then cornered by the police before he can even have a change of heart.

With Shion and her grandmother in his protection, this unexpected capture might trigger another side of Shishigami again. He will be more persistent in keeping Shion safe because of what happened to Yuko.

Even though Shishigami is on his way to personal redemption, he will be haunted by his past.

The authorities could also use Shion as a bargaining chip and if Shishigami goes ballistic, this could call for a head-to-head battle with Inuyashiki, who has been in the background for a couple of episodes now.

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Shishigami’s change of heart was a hopeful thing to see, but the wind may never be in his favor. All of the killings will still hunt him down.

The complexity of Shishigami’s character also gives the audiences something to debate about. Does he deserve a second chance or is he too much of a risk to be alive?

With the next few episodes, the rise of Inuyashiki should be expected. Shishigami has been a ticking bomb for some time now and it will come down to the battle of ultimate righteousness and heroics.

Inuyashiki: The Last Hero Episode 8 will air this weekend.

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