‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Morgan Claims Family And Assets, Drew Struggles To Adjust To New Identity

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that war could erupt between Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Drew (Billy Miller) following Andre Maddox’s (Anthony Montgomery) shocking revelation that Burton’s character is the real Jason Morgan. Although Jason (Steve Burton) had said he was not feeling under pressure to fight to win back his name and identify from Drew, he will move to claim back what rightfully belongs to him, including his family and personal assets, after he has proved his identity as Jason.

Even if Jason Morgan drags his feet over reclaiming what belongs to him, his main backers, Sonny (Maurice Benard), Carly (Laura Wright), and Diane (Carolyn Hennesy), will put pressure on him to act in a timely and decisive manner. Diane had advised Jason Morgan not to delay claiming what belongs to him from Drew.

The first obvious source of conflict between Jason and Drew would be Sam (Kelly Monaco). However, General Hospital spoilers and buzz hint that Sam would likely choose to stay with Drew, at least in the short run. It seems that Sam would decide to remain with her current husband and work toward the new life they had agreed to build after Drew (then Jason) survived a nearly fatal gunshot injury. He sustained the injury during mob violence involving Sonny.

After Drew recovered, Sam convinced him that they needed to cut all mob ties and start a more secure new life. Sam and Drew were making moves to cut their mob ties, especially their close links with the Corinthos family, when Patient 6 arrived in Port Charles and turned their lives upside down.

General Hospital spoilers for the weeks of November 24 and December 4 from TV Source Magazine, indicate that Sam will choose the new life that Drew is offering. She will make a decision to stand by Drew.

“She truly loves the man she is married to. She loves Scout’s father,” GH co-writer Shelly Altman said in recent interview with Soap Opera Digest. “She loves the life they’re starting to build and the life that he’s promised her.”

General Hospital spoilers, however, tease that Drew’s fears that he is losing Sam to Jason Morgan spark intense jealousy and puts a strain on their relationship. Sam could begin to reappraise her decision to stand by Drew.

It remains to be seen how Jason responds to Sam’s decision to stand by Drew despite Andre’s revelation. But even if Jason loses Sam to Drew, he would likely make moves to reclaim his son, Danny (T.K. Weaver). It is clear, however, that Scout is Drew’s child.

Jason would also move to regain control of his assets, including his stake in Corinthos Coffee. He will also reclaim his voting stock in ELQ (Edward Louis Quartermaine) International, a multinational company which moved it’s headquarters to Port Charles in 1978 under Edward Quartermaine, grandfather of Jason and Drew Quartermaine.

However, since Drew is also a member of the Quartermaine family, he is entitled to co-ownership of ELQ with other members of the family, including his twin brother, Jason. What this means is that the family would have to consider proper adjustments to the distribution of ELQ stocks after Drew’s independent rights as a member of the family are recognized.

Monica (Leslie Charleson) has stated that she would protect Drew’s interest as a member of the family.

One person who would be concerned about the impact of the redistribution of ELQ stocks is Ned (Wally Kurth), who has been scheming to secure the position of ELQ CEO, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Fans will also recall that the Corinthos family holds a stake in ELQ. Sonny invested in Edward’s conglomerate in the late 1990s and his adoptive son, Michael (Chad Duell), currently works with the company after he decided he did not want to become involved in Sonny’s mob business.

Fans will recall that soon after he recovered from the gunshot injury, Drew announced that he was buying Julian Jerome’s (William deVry) media company, Aurora Media (Crimson and The PC Press). Drew assumed the position of CEO of the company and asked Sam to help her run it. Drew’s acquisition of Aurora Media was part of his efforts to settle down to legitimate business and cut all mob ties, despite having practically no experience in media business.

It seems, however, that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) could be in a position to claim the company from Drew.

Regardless of what happens when Jason (Steve Burton) makes the move to claim his assets, the experience would prove deeply painful for Drew as part of the process of stripping him of his identity and re-equipping him with another.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Drew will struggle to adjust to his new identity as Drew.

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