‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Gives Video Update On Gabe & Birdie, Says Her Family Is ‘Really Private’

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown took to social media this weekend to give fans a video update on siblings Gabe and Birdie Brown. The 15-year-old reality TV personality also took the time to explain why she’s the only member of the nine-member Brown family who’s active on social media. According to Rain Brown, her family is “very private.”

Amid Alaskan Bush People fans constantly asking Rain Brown for a health update on her mother, Ami Brown, the youngest member of the Brown family has only given one recent update on Ami’s ongoing battle with stage four lung cancer. The second oldest Brown sibling, Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown, is also somewhat active on social media via his personal Facebook account. However, the 33-year-old does not interact with his Facebook followers or answer questions.

Rain Brown, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. Rain has an outgoing, friendly, and positive personality that has attracted 40,000 Instagram followers since she opened her account back in March. Fans of the Brown family’s long-running Discovery Channel reality TV series, Alaskan Bush People, look to Rain Brown for updates on the rest of her family, and Rain usually gives her followers what they ask for, either by commenting back or sharing new posts.

The Alaskan Bush People official Facebook page stopped providing updates on the show and the Brown family after the last season ended in August. However, reports did surface recently that a Christmas special is supposed to air in mid-December, but even that has not been confirmed online by the Discovery Channel. The Hollywood Gossip shared about two weeks ago that the special episode will feature “nearly the entire Brown family.”

While fans say they are “anxious” for the Alaskan Bush People Christmas show, it’s not known which members of the Brown family will actually appear in the special episode. Monsters & Critics shared in August that 27-year-old Gabe Brown had allegedly decided to quit the show, but new photos of the family in Colorado show that Gabe was present during the time they were reportedly filming the Christmas episode.

Gabe Brown used to be active on social media but deleted his account after a female follower blocked him — some speculate the female was his ex-girlfriend, according to Monsters & Critics. A popular search term is “Gabe Brown girlfriend,” but Rain Brown cleared up any confusion that Gabe might have a girlfriend in her short video update on Saturday, saying that someone has been “posing” as Gabe’s girlfriend but to “please” not listen to “anything anyone says about him.”

Rain also noted that Gabe does not currently have a phone and has not had a phone “in a long time” but added that he is going through a “very hard time.” The post goes on to show Rain Brown talking about her older sister, Birdie, who has an Instagram account but keeps it private and doesn’t allow just anyone to follow her or message her. According to Rain, “Birdie likes to be kept very private,” along with the rest of her family, which Rain says is the “only reason” she’s the only one active on social media.

Fan comments say that they “totally respect” what Rain Brown shared about her family in the recent video post and that they “appreciate” the updates that she is “comfortable sharing.” Other comments ask why the Brown family continues to film Alaskan Bush People if they prefer to stay “very private.” More than one comment says that they don’t believe anything they read or hear unless it comes “straight from” Rain Brown or the rest of her family.

Unconfirmed news about Alaskan Bush People and the Brown family constantly circulates online and usually originates from social media, but Rain Brown’s followers assured her in Saturday’s Instagram post that she owes “no one an explanation” but it is “very kind” that she made the video update. Rain Brown ended Saturday’s Instagram post by appearing shocked that she has amassed 40,000 followers in such a short time.

Rain also shared a post early Sunday morning of herself sitting on packages under a large Christmas tree with hashtags #rebel and #badexample — apparently, because she was told not to sit on the ornaments. A few of Rain’s followers actually scolded her for that post, saying that she should have been “respectful” and was just a “teensy bit rude.”

[Featured Image by Rain Brown/Instagram]