Donald Trump Wants His Supporters To Swallow A ‘MAGA Pill’ After CNN Schools Him On His Job

President Donald Trump keeps pushing the narrative that CNN is “fake news,” but he wants his fans to believe the reporting of a website that has promoted multiple conspiracy theories. In an effort to tout his accomplishments, the president recently tweeted a link to He had blasted CNN on Twitter just moments earlier.

On Saturday, Donald Trump took to Twitter to complain about CNN International’s news coverage. The president wrote that the CNN division “is still a major source of (Fake) news, and they represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly.” He also praised Fox News for being “MUCH more important in the United States than CNN,” but the home of Sean Hannity is not the news source he chose to retweet half an hour later; that honor went to the MAGAPill website.

Trump’s retweet included a link to a list of his accomplishments on the MAGAPill website, which went offline shortly after the president tweeted about it. However, examples of the pro-Trump website’s work can still be seen on its Twitter account. One of it’s most recent tweets is a video of Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Liz Cronkin claiming that Anthony Weiner was in possession of a Hillary Clinton sex tape. Cronkin alleges that Huma Abedin and an underage girl also appear in the video.

The MAGAPill website and its Twitter page peddle numerous other conspiracy theories, including the belief that a shadowy “deep state” wants to kill Trump. MAGAPill has also pushed the conspiracy theory that DNC employee Seth Rich was murdered for handing DNC emails over to Wikileaks, and it has alleged that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was responsible for the Russian ads that circulated on social media ahead of the presidential election.


The name MAGAPill is a riff on ‘red pill,’ a term popular with white nationalists and others on the far right,” ThinkProgress wrote of the website.

Shortly before Donald Trump retweeted the link to MAGAPill’s list of his accomplishments, CNN responded to his tweet about its international division being “a major source of (Fake) news.” The news organization’s PR account tweeted that it’s the president’s job to represent America to the world, not CNN’s.


Some legal experts believe that Donald Trump’s tweet about CNN may eventually come back to haunt him. Norm Eisen, a former chief White House ethics lawyer, suggested that the president’s words might hurt his Justice Department’s legal case against the AT&T merger with CNN’s parent company, Time Warner Inc. As reported by RawStory, some critics believe that Trump is trying to derail the deal because of his personal animosity towards CNN. Eisen also noted that the timing of Trump’s anti-media tweet was suspect; it went out the same day CNN and other media outlets reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced that Russia would begin recognizing media organizations from other countries as “foreign agents.”

According to Eisen, Donald Trump’s tweet “smacks of collision” and may open him up to “other civil liability.” Former FBI director James Comey also seemed to weigh in on the president’s words when he tweeted about the freedom of the press.


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