Megyn Kelly: New ‘Woke’ Feminism Fails To Attract Sympathy And Ratings

Megyn Kelly's efforts at being a feminist are being insulted.

Megyn Kelly Feminism

Megyn Kelly's efforts at being a feminist are being insulted.

Megyn Kelly has often talked about feminist issues throughout her career. After all, she stood up to Donald Trump in a debate in August of 2015 and asked him about his treatment of women. Being anti-Trump was part of Kelly’s brand, and she even had an offer by NBC to leave Fox and host two of her own shows. Unfortunately, it looks like Kelly didn’t take her conservative audience from Fox News with her. And liberal audiences won’t ever let her forget that she used to work for Fox News.

A top left-wing site, Complex, called the first week of Megyn Kelly Today a disaster.

“…Let’s just say the first week didn’t go as smoothly as planned, opening with 2.93 million viewers and dropping to 2.4 million viewers by Thursday, according to Nielsen.”

The article accused Kelly of not only “waving her flag of privilege,” but listed what they believed to be ignorant (and even homophobic) comments Kelly made. Since the first week of her show in September, Kelly has experienced trouble keeping up with the ratings. However, her ratings slightly increased when Megyn Kelly Today dealt with all the talk about sexual assault and #metoo happening.

Unfortunately, Kelly has been accused of “manipulative feminism.” The American Spectator accused the former Fox News star of playing the “woman card” to save her tanking show.

Megyn Kelly Under Fire

“By playing the feminist card again and pandering to her audience, she hopes to revive her flagging show. But it won’t work,” says columnist George Neumayr, adding that her statements complaining about Bill O’Reilly were manipulative, misleading, and narcissistic. Many of the commenters after the article certainly agree with its premise.

“She is a phony. She appeared on Howard Stern joking about the size of her breasts and sex during pregnancy. Some feminist, some role model,” CJW points out.

“She may be phony and simply preening to suit an audience,” says commenter Calmly_Observing, adding that it really doesn’t make her much different from all the other mainstream network hosts.

Kelly has been called out on Twitter for being a fake feminist as well.

According to reports, even Kelly’s co-host Matt Lauer is bailing on her. A couple weeks back, Page Six reported that Lauer is telling insiders that he understands why celebrities are refusing to appear on Kelly’s show, especially since celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Debra Messing have been loudly complaining about how Kelly treated them.

There is more bad news for Mrs. Kelly as The Wrap has just revealed that Megyn Kelly Today is on track to deliver horrible November sweeps ratings.

“While the month isn’t over yet, Kelly is on track to deliver historically low numbers for the critical November sweeps period. In fact, if things stay where they are, Kelly will log the lowest sweeps numbers of any period since NBC’s Today franchise first claimed the 9 a.m. hour in 2000.”

Perhaps like Trevor Noah and The Daily Show, Megyn Kelly just needs some time to work things out. There is no doubt Kelly will keep trying, but it’s doubtful that people will be willing to give her a chance.

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