Chelsea Clinton And Ivanka Trump Come To Malia Obama’s Defense: She Has A Right To Privacy

Former first daughter Malia Obama has found some support from other first daughters. Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton may not agree on much, but they both know what it’s like to live in the spotlight and have rushed to Barack and Michelle Obama’s 19-year-old daughter’s defense as she comes under harsh scrutiny for her life at Harvard University.

Obama has received a lot of attention recently. Videos and photos have come out of Obama blowing smoke rings (via the Daily Caller) in a bathroom and kissing someone (via TMZ) while tailgating at the Harvard-Yale football game.

There’s an unspoken rule that children of the president, or former president in Obama’s case, should be left alone and given privacy. But Obama has had to live under the public eye for years, and her behavior is constantly scrutinized and she’s always followed around.

According to Us Weekly., back in 2015, photos came out of Obama at a party while she was visiting Brown University. Obama came under criticism again this summer while she was at Lollapalooza, TMZ reported at the time.

Luckily, Obama has some champions in her corner. While they may have different political beliefs, Trump and Clinton both understand the pressure of living in the first family. Clinton, especially, can relate because, like Obama, she was still a kid when she lived in the White House.

Both Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton have defended Malia Obama. [Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

So when Trump and Clinton saw the criticism Obama was getting recently, they had to step up for their fellow first daughter, People Magazine explains.

Taking to Twitter, Trump said that Obama should be given the same privacy as her peers. She’s young and is a private citizen, so she should be “OFF limits” to the media.

Clinton, meanwhile, said that Obama’s personal life shouldn’t be used for clickbait.

“Be better,” she wrote.

And the first daughters aren’t the only ones to step up to Obama’s defense. Many have come out to say Obama deserves her privacy and that the media should leave her alone.

Rapper and actor Common also said that the media should “Let Malia live.”

Defenders have pointed out that Malia is young and is acting just like any other college student. She’s also a private citizen and didn’t ask to be a part of the public eye. She, and any other child of a president, should be left alone and have the chance to have as normal a childhood as possible.

And it has been hard for Obama to grow up in front of the public. According to People, Michelle Obama said her daughters had struggled with being famous and found it hard to deal with people always coming up to them and saying “Do I know you?” or “Can I get a picture with you?”

[Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

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