Donald Trump Is Afraid And Awed By Black People, Says ‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Author [Video]

President Donald Trump’s tweets against LaVar Ball have crossed a line, even for Trump, according to the fallout from Ball’s full interview with Chris Cuomo, as reported by the Inquisitr. Trump tweeted that LaVar was ungrateful and a fool after Ball balked at thanking Trump for helping to get LaVar’s son and two other UCLA basketball players out of China after an alleged shoplifting incident.

According to the Hill, the California representative John Garamendi viewed President Trump’s tweets regarding LaVar racially charged ones, as Trump compared LaVar ball to Don King, calling him the “poor man’s version” of King, but without the hair. Now Trump’s Art Of The Deal co-author has agreed, with Tony Schwartz telling CNN in the attached video that Trump is both “half awed and half frightened” by black people. Tony said that Trump’s “only way of dealing with them is to attack them.” The interview notes that Trump chooses a certain type of person to attack.

According to the opinion of some social media users, Trump has found a worthy opponent in LaVar, because Ball has not backed down nor kowtowed to Trump, but is using the attention drawn to the situation to promote more of his Big Baller Brand. While Trump tweets at LaVar and insults Ball for not believing that Trump alone saved the UCLA trio, a reality show type of dance has surrounded the men.

CNN notes in the attached video that Trump has tweeted about LaVar and a plethora of other issues, instead of tweeting about the controversies surrounding Roy Moore. However, Schwartz feels that Trump’s fear of black people causes him to go on the verbal attack.

Trump has saved his tweets full of rage against another prominent African American, after social media users note that Trump’s ire has also focused on predominantly black kneeling football players – outside of his regular political opponents.

Trump loves black people and is scared of African Americans.
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However, with Trump calling LaVar an ungrateful fool, certain Twitter users feel President Trump has gone too far, while his fan base wholeheartedly agrees with Trump for LaVar not thanking Trump enough for the release of LiAngelo Ball and his two UCLA teammates.

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