Are Fans Turning Against Kate On ‘This Is Us’ On Social Media, Calling Her Unlikeable?

Warning: Possible This Is Us spoilers ahead!

At this time, we are midway through Season 2 of This Is Us, and a lot of fans are losing patience with the character of Kate, calling her unlikeable on social media. Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate Pearson in This Is Us, is great in the role, but it seems that with each new clue about her past, Kate Pearson disappoints. And with each challenge, the character seems unable to make progress or rise to the occasion. All three of the Pearson children on This Is Us have suffered loss, but Kate is the only one who seems to remain stagnant.

The most common place to interact with other fans about thoughts and theories regarding This Is Us is on social media. The biggest topic of conversation has not been about any individual character but about the Pearson family as a whole and what went down on the night that Pearson family patriarch Jack dies.

This Is Us viewers have known since early on that Jack won’t live to see his kids make it to adulthood, and so the debate about what family drama sets Jack’s death in motion has been a major focus as fans look for clues. As the season of This Is Us progresses, what we know is that Rebecca is devastated by Jack’s death, and so are Kate, Kevin, and Randall.

“The burned-down house and a wailing Rebecca is definitely an indication of what happened possibly that night.”

Buddy TV’s Derek Stauffer shared that on This Is Us, Kate Pearson has reached a point where many fans see her as unlikeable and obnoxious, calling her “a bitter pill to swallow.” Through the drama of the show, This Is Us, Kate seems to embrace victimhood more than anyone else.

“Kate has always been one of the most problematic characters for This Is Us. While Chrissy Metz has always been great in the role, she’s been given very little to do. Kate’s entire story in season 1 was about her weight. Even her relationship with Toby revolved almost solely around the pair’s waistlines.”

It seems that the writers of This Is Us only write storylines for Kate that involve the other characters tiptoeing around her, and then inevitably she has a temper tantrum where she doesn’t consider anyone else’s feelings. As much as the This Is Us writers seem to be telling the viewers to see beyond Kate’s weight struggles, they seem to have made her a prisoner of them, as there is never a Kate storyline that could happen to any other woman of a different stature.

Twitter is overloaded with fans talking about Kate and how unlikeable she has become, despite the fact that her partner, Toby, works overtime to prevent her meltdowns. Even after this week’s show, which walked viewers through Kate’s miscarriage, fans found it hard to be sympathetic toward Kate considering how she made it all about herself, ignoring Toby’s loss.

One viewer on Twitter was angered that people were calling Kevin unlikeable when they perceive Kate as so much worse.

“I was gonna wait until the end of this episode but I just can’t. How dare you call Kevin the most unlikable character on This is Us when Kate is literally RIGHT THERE.”

Others are firmly #TeamToby when it comes to Kate.

“I find the character of Kate so unlikable that all my sympathy lies with Toby.”

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But many people believe that the blame is with the This Is Us writers, because if they don’t make the character of Kate (and yes, Kevin too) at least somewhat redeemable after they find out what happens to Jack, viewership will fall off.

“I hate that they make Kate such an unlikeable character.”

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