Toronto Raptors Playoffs: How The Young Players Are Keeping Up Making The Team A Tough Opponent

The Toronto Raptors are the pride and joy of Canadians as they are on the only Canadian team in the league. But there is a reason to be happy and excited about this current season. The Raptors haven’t disappointed thus far and fans are feeling optimistic that this is the season where the team will go beyond the second round of the playoffs. Over the past two years, there has been an ugly trend growing on the team. The Raptors have been aggressive and strong in the first three quarters but in the fourth quarter, things tend to fall apart. Last season, the team blew a 20-point lead several times.

But it sounds like things are turning around for the team and the new players could be to thank. According to a new report, the new additions to the Toronto Raptors are impressing everyone, including head coach Dwane Casey. As it turns out, these new players can keep up with the starting line-up, giving Demar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry much deserved breaks on the bench throughout a game. Coach Casey recently spoke out about the new players and he’s excited at how well they are performing. This could mean that the ugly fourth-quarter burnout could be coming to an end for the Raptors.

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“I think they’re receptive and intelligent enough. The speed of the game, the strength of NBA players, with young players, is the difference. And the only thing that can give you that is experience,” Coach Casey has revealed about the new players, according to Toronto Star, adding, “I wish I could give it to them. I wish I could (say) to OG (Anunoby), ‘Here’s what’s going to happen to you, here’s how you should react to it.’ You have to go through it to get it. That’s the issue with young players. I’m excited about teaching and watching guys grow and learn, as our staff is.”

Over the past five years, fans have seen a tremendous change in the Raptors team. For years, the team never made it close to the playoffs, but a few years ago, they got a chance to compete. Cleveland Cavaliers ended up being the team to beat two years in a row and both times, the Raptors faced a losing fight against Lebron James and the Cavs. But based on how the new teammates are performing, it sounds like there could be a playoff chance for the Raptors this year — a chance that could result in a win over the Cavaliers in the playoffs.

The Toronto Raptors are taking on the New York Knicks tonight at 10:30 p.m. in New York. To see how the young players perform, tune in to catch them in action. The next game is Friday against the Indiana Pacers.

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