‘Little People, Big World”: Amy Roloff Spends Time With All Her Children While Matt Is Away

The Little People, Big World family is having a reunion! Matt and Amy Roloff’s children are all back in town in time for Thanksgiving.

Amy Roloff posted a picture of their happy reunion on her Instagram page. The whole family is complete–Jeremy and Audrey posed with two-month-old baby Ember, while Zach and Tori held up the baby monitor showing baby Jackson (who decided to sleep through the affair). Even Molly and Jacob, who don’t appear on the reality show anymore, came home to spend the holiday with family.

“My kids. This is what I’m thankful for,” Amy wrote in her heartfelt post’s caption.

“Love them forever and always. So happy to have Molly in town and Joel (Molly’s husband) arrives Wenesday…There is always something/someone to be thankful for in our lives!”

The family get-together took place at Zach and Tori’s house near the Roloff Farms. Tori herself uploaded another photo from the affair, this time showing just the Roloff women dressed in aprons. Tori gave a loving shout-out to her mother-in-law Amy, who was likely showing them how to bake one of her best-selling recipes. Sadly, LPBW patriarch Matt Roloff missed out on this joyous reunion, as he is currently on vacation in Mexico.

In a recent Facebook post, Matt seemed to be bummed about being away from his kids and grandchildren for Thanksgiving.

“Yesterday, I found that all my amazing kids and grandkids had very cool Thanksgiving plans with the in-laws and Amy. So after a long and very successful pumpkin season…I said a sweet goodbye to [my family],” Matt wrote on FB last Saturday after leaving for Cabo.

Unfortunately, holidays are a complicated business for most separated couples. Matt and Amy have tried to be amicable since their divorce, but it can’t be denied that the family dynamics have changed.

“I told Zach, next year’s Thanksgiving is at my house.”

Matt Roloff’s fans quickly jumped on his post and bashed Amy for not including him in her plans for the family’s celebrations. However, Matt hinted that everything is well between them and his ex-wife. He stated that Amy even helped him fix his finances for his trip.

The LPBW patriarch also reminded everyone that both he and Amy have their own respective partners. Responding to a fan’s comment, Matt stated that he plans to spend Thanksgiving with his girlfriend’s family in Arizona.

Despite Matt’s absence, this year’s Thanksgiving is certainly going to be a memorable event for the Little People, Big World family. This is the first time that they will be celebrating with their two new grandkids, Jackson and Ember. Moreover, this year has seen many additions to the growing Roloff clan. Molly, Matt and Amy’s only daughter, also got married to longtime boyfriend Joel Silvius in August.

The family recently wrapped up a very successful pumpkin season at their farm. Fans will get to see snippets of this once Little People, Big World returns to television with a brand-new season next year.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]