Mariah Carey’s BF Bryan Tanaka ‘Digging Into Her Millions,’ Goes On Spending Spree With Diva’s Money

Mariah Carey’s much younger boyfriend is reportedly living a fancy lifestyle — all thanks to the diva’s money.

In an exclusive report by Life & Style, it has been alleged that the 34-year-old backup dancer has been spending money big time ever since he started dating the songstress. According to the outlet, Tanaka’s lifestyle is more lavish these days, especially with Carey’s finances.

The webloid claimed that Bryan “is trying to manage Mariah’s life and finances,” adding that “he’s digging into her millions as he does so.” An alleged insider told the outlet that the dancer became accustomed to the extravagant lifestyle because of Mariah’s luxurious way of living.

There were also claims that Tanaka usually goes on “huge spending sprees” using Carey’s money and is doing it without hesitation. Apparently, he has already spent $50,000 on Christmas presents just for the singer alone.

Previously, it has been reported that Bryan Tanaka was the reason behind Mariah Carey’s shocking split from manager Stella Bulochnikov. According to Page Six, the singer ended her three-year professional relationship with Stella because of her boyfriend’s persuasion.

The webloid claimed that Brian “has been orchestrating Stella’s exit for a long time” so that he could take over Mariah’s career.

Apparently, the backup dancer believes that he should be running the singer’s day-to-day life and take control of her career.

There were also claims that Mariah Carey is even paying Bryan Tanaka $12,000 a week for simply running her life.

Although some were pleased that the diva ended ties with her now-former manager, many were convinced that Tanaka is not the right person to handle her career. In fact, the webloid reiterated that he is “definitely no Tommy Mottola” — the singer’s ex-husband and former manager who helped launch her career in 1990.

The outlet even noted that the couple’s situation is similar to Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s controversial relationship, adding that it’s a “disaster waiting to happen.”

“This is a full-on Britney-and-Kevin Federline situation. Bryan is a backup dancer, and knows nothing about managing an iconic artist.”

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But despite all the opposition, Carey is reportedly not listening to anyone except Tanaka. An insider told the webloid that the singer is madly in love with him and is “like a schoolgirl around him.”

So far, reps from Mariah Carey’s team vehemently denied such claims but refused to specify who will actually replace her former manager. The songstress is currently busy with her All I Want For Christmas Is You tour, which kicks off on November 17 in Ontario.

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