‘RHOC’s Kelly Dodd And David Foster, ‘Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Ex, Have Bizarre Run-In Outside Restaurant

While it looks like RHOC‘s Kelly Dodd is in the market for a new sugar daddy, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ex David Foster is obviously not looking to take another one of the housewives on. It seems that David Foster was in his car leaving Craig’s restaurant when Kelly Dodd tried to jump in his car while being filmed by a TMZ cameraman. Kelly Dodd totally knew who David Foster was, but Foster had no clue who Kelly Dodd was and why she was trying to get in his car.

Watch the video here

David Foster has recently flushed his life of all things Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and shows no signs of wanting to have a command performance. Sources say that David Foster and his Real Housewives ex Yolanda Hadid were mismatched from the start.

“They’ve been having problems for a while but have been hiding it. David thinks Yolanda always plays the victim … and he got sick of it.”

And after the split, it was made clear that David Foster’s adult daughters were not fans of Yolanda Hadid, and thought if she was well enough to do the Bravo show, then she wasn’t suffering as much as she alleged on RHOBH.

David Foster was answering some really random questions from TMZ when Kelly Dodd started talking and then got into Foster’s car. He was asked about Charles Manson and Selena Gomez, and then Foster asked the cameraman who the woman was who was trying to get into his car.

David Foster’s first hint was when Kelly Dodd asked if he was ready yet to replace Yolanda Hadid with someone else from Bravo.

“You’re gonna have another housewife.”

David Foster was polite for someone who just had to ask a stranger to get out of his car, but afterward, Foster’s spokesperson said that Kelly Dodd should have known better, and it wasn’t funny.

“In today’s environment, what Kelly did was careless, inappropriate and disrespectful. David drove away in his car, alone and shaken. The video and her remarks speak for itself.”

But Kelly Dodd insists that it was just a joke, even if David Foster didn’t get it.

“I was with my friends Heather McDonald and Lea Black and I was joking when I said he needs a new housewife. I guess he didn’t find it funny.”

But it looks like David Foster learned something from his time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because he pointed out to Kelly Dodd that she should stop because there were cameras around. When Dodd got out, Foster made a quick exit.

“I gotta go!”

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