Harry Styles And Zayn Malik Choose A Different Direction In Men’s Fashion: Bright Gucci Or Dark Versus

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik have taken very different fashion paths. Harry is wearing exclusively Gucci according to Esquire, while Zayn is the designer and the face of Versace’s Zayn X Versus. Harry’s colorful floral Gucci suits contrast sharply with Z’s lifelong passion for black leather and earth tones.

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik may have been in One Direction not so long ago, and someday, Niall Horan continues to promise that the boys will be back together for a reunion. For now, though, Styles and Malik could not be further apart, in music or fashion.

Zayn Malik never felt he fit into the One Direction image. Neither did Donatella Versace. When Donatella met both Harry Styles and Zayn Malik several years ago, she says it was Zayn who caught and held her attention. In the end, Malik seemed perfect for Versus according to the New York Times.

“That said, I was not exactly a fan of that band. But then I met him again when he started to date Gigi, who I work with all the time. And he impressed me very much — he was so mature, so thoughtful, treated her like such a gentleman. They are very nice young people, a lovely couple, in fact. And then he told me how much he loved fashion. It was then I knew he was the right face for what I had in mind.”

The Zayn Malik Versus collection came out last summer and it was totally hot, but then Harry Styles bought a full wardrobe of Gucci and went on a world tour. Now Harry Styles wears Gucci almost exclusively.

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik have not always dressed so differently. There have been times when their tastes were far more similar. In the video below, Styles and Malik matched a few times, but overall there is a huge difference in the way they wear their clothes, not just the clothes themselves. Check out the video.

Zayn Malik’s hot manly look is explored more in the video below.

Harry Styles’ Gucci suits are huge news. Each one is simply amazing with color and intricate floral and geometric patterns.

Harry Styles singing in a Gucci suit by
Harry Styles singing in a Gucci suit by John Salangsang Invision AP

Harry Styles’ Gucci look is colorful, and Styles isn’t afraid to wear pink. Harry is turning heads and inspiring fashion. Did Harry Styles perhaps inspire Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to wear this to a recent post-game press conference?

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton makes an entrance in his pink paisley jacket
Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton makes an entrance in his pink paisley jacket by Chuck Burton AP

Zayn Malik isn’t about to try that much color at least on most days. Perhaps the best thing about living in 2017 is the amazing diversity in men’s fashion, which allows Zayn Malik to stay old-school manly, at least most of the time, while Harry Styles looks quite stylish in his Gucci suits.

Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have vastly different looks, but both are undeniably fashionable. Zayn Malik isn’t afraid to dress casually and even go for a calculatedly messy look, but Harry Styles always has that neat, clean-cut image so classic and proper.

Harry Styles looks so classically British when he goes out in a full-length coat. One can almost feel the fog of London just looking at him.

Zayn Malik also wears suits, but Malik’s suits are usually conservative and dark or neutral.

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, in Gucci and Versus, show a variety of fashion that breathes new freedom into the men’s fashion world.

[Featured Image by John Salangsang/Invision/AP and Debbie Wong/Shutterstock]