‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill Obsessed With Steffy, Threatened Her If She Leaves Him For Liam


Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the upcoming episode reveal that Bill was enraged after learning that Steffy and Liam have fixed their misunderstandings. He cannot accept this because he now wants a future with his son’s wife. His obsession with Steffy will drive him to blackmail his daughter-in-law so she will stay with him.

Previously on The Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy rushed to Bill when she was having a hard time. In particular, she ran to him when Liam confessed that he and Sally kissed under the rubble of the Spectra’s building. Bill comforted Steffy, but they later ended up in bed together.

Since that time, Bill has been making plans where he and her daughter-in-law could spend time together again. To put it simply, he is obsessed with Steffy and wants his own son, Liam, out of the picture so he can have a future with his wife.

Now, since Steffy and Liam have made up on The Bold and the Beautiful, Bill is upset. He is not happy that the two decided to work things out and save their marriage.

After that hot night with Steffy, Bill thinks that she now belongs to him, so he vowed to do everything to take her back from Liam. Eventually, he devised a plan that will to take down his son, mess up his marriage, and have Steffy for himself.

Bill Blackmails Steffy

Bill arranged a date on a yacht for a romantic night with Steffy. However, she will not show up and this brought up Bill’s dark side to the surface. Celeb Dirty Laundry notes that Bill will come up with a wicked deal that Steffy cannot refuse. He will tell their dirty little secret to Liam if she will not agree to be with him.

Even if she hates it, the threat will leave Steffy with no other option but to follow what Bill wants. Bold and the Beautiful viewers know how sinister Bill can be, and it seems Steffy will not be able to hide her secret and move on to live happily with Liam. Bill will be after her all the time, and she definitely cannot have a peaceful life with her husband.

Will Steffy Give In To Bill’s Threat?

Bill thinks that he can have Steffy in this way, but there might be some twists on The Bold and the Beautiful. There is a possibility that Steffy will just choose to spill the beans and confess to Liam. This is the easiest way out for her if she wants to escape from Bill’s manipulating hands.

But then again, Liam may never forgive her for the betrayal. For one, she had an affair, and it was not just with anybody — it was with her own father-in-law! It is indeed a horrible thing, and this may also lead Liam to Sally’s arms.

Finally, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that things will get chaotic in Los Angeles, and Steffy will have a lot of thinking to do. Will she go along with Bill or decide to tell the truth despite the risk of losing Liam forever?

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