‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Liz, Sam Still Supports BM Jason, Not Patient 6 – Nora Prepares For A Big Reveal

General Hospital spoilers tease an emotional Thanksgiving in Port Charles. Patient 6 (Steve Burton) will feel the spirit of the celebration as he is back in town after five years. Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) embraced him with open arms when he revealed his story. With more people taking his side, he feels grateful for many things. Meanwhile, current Jason (Billy Miller) will receive hear encouraging words from Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst). This is a tough time for him, but General Hospital spoilers tease these two ladies will reassure him that they will stand by his side.

Patient 6 Feels the Love

Patient 6 might have been an unwanted visitor, but now more Port Charles residents believe him. In fact, more people started to doubt the Jason they know, including Robin (Kimberly McCullough). During Thanksgiving, Carly and Robin will have a quick talk about Patient 6 and the current Jason. General Hospital spoilers reveal they will acknowledge their blunder. They never doubted Jason’s identity, and they are glad to have the chance to correct their mistake.

During the meeting with Monica, Patient 6 told her he is happy with his life. Despite everything, it seems like classic Jason will continue to feel confident about the investigation involving his identity. Sonny will tell Patient 6 how glad he is to have him back in Port Charles.

Jason Receives Liz and Sam’s Support

If Patient 6 has so many things to feel grateful for, current Jason can’t help but lose confidence over the recent happenings. More people believe Patient 6, and he fears that he will lose his friends and loved ones one by one. No one secured the title of Jason Morgan yet, and the wait is frustrating for Jason.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Liz will comfort him and tell him she will always be by his side. Liz thinks they will find the evidence they need soon, and Jason can finally put people’s doubts to rest. Given Jason’s current state, Franco may try to comfort Jason too. Franco and Jason are not exactly friends, but Franco might have a pep talk with current Jason. Sam will be vocal about her support too. General Hospital spoilers reveal she will pledge her loyalty to her husband.

Despite the trust of his loved ones, Jason will still worry about his future. He stands to lose his family and the media company if the evidence they find reveals he is Drew, not Jason. Losing everything will be a grim future. Luckily, he will receive the support he needs right now. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest things could change quickly, especially if the people investigating the twin mystery finds proof.

Nora’s Press Event

Nora will hold a press conference. She will reveal she is Olivia Jerome’s legal counsel. It will be exciting to see if she will read the statement clearing Julian of all his criminal charges. Whether she makes the announcement Valentin asked her to make or not, General Hospital spoilers tease Alexis needs to jump over bigger hurdles is she wants Julian out of prison.

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