If Monica Lewinsky Scandal Had Happened In 2017, Bill Clinton Would Have Been Toast Says De Blasio

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton would have been forced to resign if the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal had happened in 2017, according to New York City’s mayor, Bill De Blasio. Monica Lewinsky was a 22-year-old intern in Bill Clinton’s White House between 1995 and 1996. Lewinsky shot to fame in 1998 when a sex scandal revealed her relationship with President Clinton. The affair led to Clinton being impeached for perjury after a famous television broadcast in which he stated, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

A 21-day impeachment trial led to Clinton’s acquittal on all the charges against him, but he was later found in contempt of the civil court. Clinton was fined $90,000 and his license to practice law in Arkansas was suspended for five years. How times change. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, sexual exploitation of young women by powerful men is suddenly big news. According to the New York Post, Mayor De Blasio claims that if the Lewinsky scandal had happened in 2017, Clinton would have been forced to resign.

“If it happened today there would have been a very different reaction. No question.

“I don’t think you can rework history. I think if it happened today, if any president did that today, they would have to resign.”

Monica Lewinsky Bill Clinton

As reported by the Guardian, we live in a different era, one where those allegedly abused by powerful men like President Clinton are more likely to be listened to, and more importantly, believed. Clinton stands accused of sexual harassment, abuse of power, and alleged rape, and those who claim to have been his victims want the case reopened. They also want the actions of those who allegedly shielded Clinton examined.

As you would perhaps expect, Fox News reports that the historical allegations against President Clinton and her own scandals mean that Hillary Clinton’s political career is over. Hillary is “toast,” they say, scandals have finally caught up with the Clintons. Whilst Fox News is might be delighted to see the allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton reemerge, possibly no one will be surprised that they remain silent on the sexual assault allegations against President Donald Trump.

As reported by CNN, they accuse Trump of “rank hypocrisy” after he launched a Twitter tirade against Democratic Senator Al Franken, who last week apologized for “groping and kissing” a California radio host without her consent. Trump has remained silent on the allegations against Alabama Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore. Numerous young women have come forward to make allegations against Moore, claiming that he pursued sexual relationships with children as young as 14.

Of course, as reported by the Independent, there are numerous allegations of sexual misconduct by powerful men swirling around both Washington and Hollywood at present. President Trump himself has been accused of sexual assault by numerous women. Just last week White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders affirmed that “the official White House position is that all these women are lying.”

It seems that the Harvey Weinstein affair has ushered in a new era. It doesn’t matter if you are Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Roy Moore, or any of the many others who stand accused of sexual misconduct. It seems that the spotlight is shining brightly on anyone accused of sexual misconduct, and that power and wealth likely no longer offers protection.

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