‘Gold Rush’: Parker’s Frustrations Mount While ‘Colorado Strikes Back’ For Hoffman Crew, But Who Got The Gold?

Fans may have anticipated an ominous mood for Todd Hoffman and his Fairplay crew, as the most recent episode of Gold Rush is titled “Colorado Strikes Back.” Yet, Parker Schnabel’s crew in the Yukon have had their own epic frustrations this season. And it appears that finally, Tony Beets is in the game! So, who got the most gold this week?

Todd Hoffman and his crew thought they finally found the Mecca of gold in Colorado, but they have been snowed out, shot at, and shut down by the local government. So, they had to find out if they could mine again.

Although the Gold Rush cameras were not allowed when the Hoffman crew spoke to the county commissioner, Freddy Dodge was miked up, and the Discovery cameras cleverly filmed through windows.

Although the townspeople don’t seem to care for this crew from Oregon, the local government does, so the Hoffman crew is back in business — for a short while. Their generator is dead, so they have to wait two days for a new control panel before they can mine again.

Tony Beets is finally ready to get his first drudge going, but there are rusty holes in it. Time for more of Tony and Kevin’s ingenuity, and they manage to make it work, giving them an awesome total.

Rick Ness wants to fix Big Red. The foundation is cracking, and this concerns the young miner. Parker, who is focused on his 5000-ounce goal and beating Todd Hoffman, doesn’t want to take more time out for repairs, so he nixes the shutdown.

So as Monsters and Critics reported, Rick was being pressured by Parker to “come up with more gold,” so he increased the feeder speed.

“You know, Parker said that we haven’t hit our goal recently and he wants more gold, so the only way I know how to do that is to turn this thing up. It’s time to crank it up to 11.”

Soon, he ends up pumping dirty, muddy water, clogging the nozzles, pouring out the gold, and ultimately shutting down Big Red. On the other hand, they got things going with Sluicifer, so not all was lost.

So, who got the gold?

Because of their lengthy legal hassles and the generator down for two days, the Hoffman crew was ecstatic that Sacramento wound up with 30.7 ounces of gold, while Fairplay had 50.2 ounces. You would have thought they got 1,000 ounces from the smiling faces on the crew.

Parker’s team wound up with 52.5 ounces in Big Red and 104.2 in Sluicifer, but not before he stopped his Aussie girlfriend Ashley Yule from doing the slow-motion gold drop onto the scale. Clearly frustrated, Parker took the gold from her, poured it quickly, and asked her to read the totals, which, despite her cheery disposition, could not brighten Parker’s rather surly mood.

While Parker should have been thrilled for nearly doubling Todd Hoffman’s total, he is not. Parker has set himself a very ambitious goal of 5,000 ounces. He has a lean team that is working hard to make this happen, and he knows that it is hard to catch up at the end of the season.

Unlike Todd Hoffman, who always talks about next year, Parker is very goal oriented, and he is disciplined enough to make his goals happen. Can he pull it off this season?

As for Tony Beets, it was nice to him actually weighing gold, instead of fooling around with finding someone to move a rickety drudge. This week’s total is an astounding 310.8 ounces, which was more gold than Todd and Parker combined! Minnie can pay the bills again.

Who knows what is next for the three crews on Gold Rush? Could Parker finally solve his problems?

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]