November 18, 2017
'My 600-lb Life' Lupe Update: Lupe Looks Amazing As She Moves On After Ending Marriage To Gilbert

Lupe Samano was arguably one of the most sympathetic subjects ever featured in TLC's My 600-lb Life. During her weight-loss journey on the hit reality TV show, Lupe did not only deal with her obesity, she also dealt with the unfaithfulness of Gilbert Donovan, her then-husband. Despite this, however, Lupe still managed to lose enough weight to qualify for a gastric bypass operation. Later, she also went for skin removal surgery.

During the course of her featured episodes, many My 600-lb Life fans were aghast at the way Lupe's then-husband, Gilbert, treated her. One particularly notorious incident involved Lupe, who was fresh out of surgery, being forced to be intimate with Gilbert due to the latter's "needs" as a man. This incident ultimately caused Lupe much pain, since her stitches were opened and she developed infections.

Since being featured on My 600-lb Life, Lupe appeared to have continued her married life with Gilbert. As noted in this previous report from the Inquisitr, Lupe even defended her then-husband's actions, asserting that Gilbert does have physical needs that she is responsible for. During that time, many My 600-lb Life fans were apprehensive about the reality TV star's future.

As it turned out, however, Lupe did eventually decide to cut ties with Gilbert. In a post dated September 25, Gilbert announced on his personal Facebook page that he was officially single. He did, however, tell his social media followers that he and Lupe remain close friends, despite the fact that they have already separated.

Lupe, for her part, has abandoned her old Facebook account. Just as she began her new life as a single woman, Lupe also started a new Facebook page, this time under her maiden name: Lupita Samano. From what could be seen on her new Facebook profile, it definitely seems like Lupe, since appearing on My 600-lb Life, has been slaying life like a boss.

For one, Lupe looks absolutely phenomenal. Since having skin removal surgery, she now looks like a completely different person. She now carries a notable glow, and she looks significantly younger. Most of all, Lupe looks a lot happier now, compared to how she was back when she first filmed her My 600-lb Life episodes.

Lupe has also moved on after cutting ties with her ex-husband. As could be seen in Lupe's new Facebook page, she is now in a relationship with Andrew Renteria, a disk jockey. So far, Lupe and Andrew look very happy together, with each one enjoying the other's company.

Overall, it is quite amazing to see Lupe's journey against obesity. While her marriage ultimately ended after her transformation, Lupe appears to have finally found happiness; and that, at the end of the day, is already a huge victory for the My 600-lb Life star.

[Featured Image by Lupita Samano/Facebook]