November 18, 2017
Huge News About Kurt Angle's WWE Future As 'Raw' General Manager

A week after Shane McMahon and the SmackDown Live roster held Raw under siege, Stephanie McMahon returned to WWE television and reprimanded Kurt Angle for allowing the invasion to happen. Now, Raw's General Manager has found himself in a must-win situation a WWE Survivor Series because Stephanie has demanded victory and Triple H has also made his return to television to give Team Raw a huge advantage.

At the moment, Angle's leadership is being questioned by Stephanie McMahon. If Team Raw loses another showdown with SmackDown Live for the second year in a row, the expectation is Kurt would be relieved of his duties as the brand's General Manager. With Triple H back on WWE television, he could easily replace Angle in the role. However, Angle's job could be saved even if SmackDown defeats Raw in the main event.

It's being reported that Stephanie McMahon may be willing to overlook one huge loss if Raw can win more matches and get the overall victory for the night. It's apparent that WWE officials are building a big rivalry between Kurt Angle and HHH for WrestleMania 34. How both men are booked after Survivor Series will be pivotal to building their feud, so Angle's firing may happen after the PPV if SmackDown wins the night.

Stephanie McMahon Could Fire Kurt Angle On Raw
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As of this writing, the expectation is Raw will win the evening overall. Angle should continue to serve as the Raw GM for the rest of the year, but his in-ring future brings up some questions about the role. It has been reported that The Olympic Hero has yet to take a full physical with WWE doctors. It would be interesting to see if WWE officials write him off television or if he becomes a full-time active competitor again for WWE.

WWE Survivor Series will be an important PPV, especially in determining Angle's future as a performer on WWE programming. Angle has done a great job as the General Manager of Raw, but the role was designed to reintroduce him to the WWE Universe and get him back on Monday Night Raw. A bigger role for Angle was always a part of the plan, it's up to WWE officials to determine if now is the right time for a big change.

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