November 18, 2017
Parasites Saturating North Korean Defector's Body Stun Doctors, 'Enormous Number' Of Worms Shown In Photos

Parasites are slithering inside a North Korea defector's body and while the man is alive, he is in the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds. The gruesome discovery of the parasitic worms infesting the man's body was found as doctors worked on him after he was shot during his run for freedom across the neutral zone between North and South Korea.

This man was not from the general public in North Korea. He was a soldier in the North Korean military who was gunned down by his own comrades as he made that mad dash across the Demilitarized Zone to his freedom. The unidentified man is in stable condition after surgery, but doctors are pointing to the "enormous number of parasites" riddling this man's body to demonstrate the food and hygiene problems that you don't hear about in the tightly wrapped kingdom of Kim Jong Un.

The doctors were alarmed by the number of parasites in this man's body because this is hampering his recovery from the surgery and bullet wounds. The worms are complicating his recovery and putting him at risk.

According to Fox News, the parasites were not a recent affliction. This man has had these worms slithering throughout his body for quite some time, report the doctors who are treating the man. What the doctors found during surgery was something they haven't seen before in a real-life situation. This is an extreme case; something they've only read about in books.

The defector's lead surgeon Lee Cook-jong said that he's only seen something like this in a textbook. Lee, who has been a surgeon for over 20 years, showed photos and a video of what they found when they opened the man up for surgery.

The worms were very visible with your first glance at these images. Doctors removed an 11-inch worm from the defector's digestive tract. At this time, they are treating the patient with extreme care to avoid complications from the worm infestation inside this man's body, according to the BBC News.

Parasites could have been introduced to the man's body through "contaminated food" or from "being bitten by an insect or by the parasite entering through the skin," according to Fox News.

The BBC reports that the impoverished farmers of North Korea have taken to using human feces as the fertilizer needed to grow their crops. There is a possibility that these parasites originated from the vegetables grown in the soil that was fertilized with human feces. The defector is in stable condition after the surgery for the gunshot wounds, but he is being monitored closely during his recovery as the parasites put him at risk for complications, according to the doctors treating the man.

[Featured Image by Ng Han Guan/AP Images]