LPBW: Audrey Roloff Takes Ember Jean To Her Monthly Check-Up, Gets Trolled For Her Choice Of Clothes

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff brought her daughter Ember Jean to the doctor for her two-month check-up and she commemorated the event with an innocent photo posted on Facebook. Little did she know that this adorable snap of mother and daughter would spark a debate on what one would wear to the doctor.

Audrey gave a little update on baby Ember through the post. Roloff said her daughter is “getting tall and so strong.” In her Instagram Story, Audrey shared the same photo she posted on Facebook and singled out one particular comment.

“I posted this pic of Ember and I on Facebook,” Audrey said. “And this is the top comment!”

Audrey was referring to the comment made by a certain Cheryl Romo, which caught the reality star a little off guard. The follower questioned Audrey’s outfit as she apparently deemed it inappropriate for a doctor’s visit.

“Why would you wear those jeans to a doctor’s appointment?” Romo said.

The follower was immediately called out by other fans for her comment, which was described as rude and uncalled for. Many agreed that there was nothing wrong with what Audrey was wearing. They also said that the young mom’s choice of clothes was none of her business.

“Ripped and torn up,” the fan added. “What a mess to go to the doctor’s office!”

More followers defended Audrey and her outfit.

“That’s called style,” said one. “Welcome to 2017!”

“It’s called ‘Put on a decent pair of pants to wear to a medical professional’s office,'” Romo answered. “I don’t wear ripped up jeans either. It’s called self-respect.”

Some followers who happened to be in the medical profession or know someone in the field also chimed in. One said that that wearing scrubs is like wearing “pajamas to work daily.” She explained that people in the medical field don’t care what a person is wearing. Another said they do not find ripped jeans disrespectful.


This is not the first time that Audrey was trolled for posting a seemingly innocent photo of Ember. The photo above got its share of controversy after one follower said Audrey was putting too much pressure on baby Ember.

As for Audrey’s latest post, most of the other followers chose to focus on the fact that baby Ember was doing something adorable in the photo. Ember was staring at herself in the mirror. Others mentioned how beautiful Audrey was while a number of her followers praised Roloff for being a wonderful mother to baby Ember.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]