Real Reason Why Triple H Has Joined ‘Team Raw’ Revealed

Over the past couple of weeks, the card for WWE Survivor Series has undergone some huge changes. There have been a lot of title changes and some major decisions have been made, but one of the biggest came out of nowhere during Monday Night Raw this week. The WWE Universe was shocked to see The Game make his return to television. It was brief, but HHH announced that he’s replacing Jason Jordan on Team Raw.

He’ll join Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, and Samoa Joe on Sunday to take on SmackDown Live at WWE Survivor Series. There have been a lot of rumors about Triple H returning to WWE television, but it was expected to happen at a later date. The WWE Universe is wondering why The Game has returned to WWE programming for ‘Survivor Series,’ but the reason why isn’t going to be as surprising to most people.

It has been reported that reason is WWE officials want even more star power in the match. Despite the fact that Kurt Angle, John Cena, Shane McMahon, and others are already in the match, the powers that be felt it was necessary for HHH to return to ensure the match gets enough attention from the fans especially with everything else on the card. He has also been wrestling consistently on live events, so it was an easy choice.

Team Raw vs Team SmackDown Will Happen at Survivor Series
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The Game being a part of the match adds several interesting dynamics because he will have the opportunity to exchange blows with some new WWE Superstars. For instance, Triple H will get to share the ring for the first time with Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode, and others that are on Raw’s side. It has been rumored that another reason for Triple H’s involvement will be to begin a rivalry with Kurt Angle for WrestleMania.

It is unclear if Triple H is back on WWE television full-time, but WWE officials clearly have an endgame in mind for him. The Game’s involvement in the match will only add more elements and possibilities, so the powers that be adding more star power to the card has only made ‘Survivor Series’ even more anticipated.

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