Obama’s Grandmother Has Emergency Eye Surgery Performed By Israeli Doctors

Obama's grandmother gets eye surgery from Israeli doctors

Sarah Onyango Obama, the wife of the president’s grandfather, reportedly received emergency eye surgery in Equatorial Guinea from a team of Israeli doctors.

The specific vision problem from which President Obama’s step-grandmother was suffering has not yet been revealed, but Sarah Obama is apparently making a full recovery after the operation.

After the procedure, Sarah Obama, 90, said “all of Africa is talking about your hospital and of the fact that you don’t need to fly to Europe to get medical treatment,” the Times of Israel reported. Sarah Obama, who lives in remote Kenyan village of Kogelo, traveled to the middle African country for the eye operation and was escorted to the Israeli-run hospital by the Guinean health minister.

Sarah Obama’s eye surgery was preformed at the Shalom Hospital, which is located in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea’s capital city. The Times provides background on the medical facility:

“[It] was founded by Israeli entrepreneurs Yardena Ovadya and Ariyeh Horesh and is serviced by over 100 Israeli doctors, nurses and staff. The hospital provides medical treatment for underprivileged residents of Equatorial Guinea and other neighboring African countries.”

According to the BigPeace.com website, “It is not uncommon for Israeli entrepreneurs to create social services — such as hospitals and agricultural training programs — in African countries, often in return for access to mineral resources and investment opportunities.”

As The Inquisitrpreviously reported, Sarah Obama is the third wife of President Obama’s grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama. President Obama referred to her as “granny” in his memoir, Dreams From My Father.