Anti-Trump Hotel To Open In D.C. Deemed 'Safe-Haven' For Liberals As Dems Make A Move On Impeaching Trump?

The Anti-Trump hotel aims to entice liberals to come and stay with them as a sort of a safe haven that will offer up a guest experience like no other hotel to date. Deeming itself the "world's first politically motivated hotel," the Eaton Workshop chain of motels plans to expand to other locations where guests can bask in the liberal philosophy around every corner.

With support for impeaching Donald Trump reported at an "all-time-high" and impeachment articles being offered up by six Democrats who are calling for "hearings to begin immediately," it looks as if there are some people who would fit in with the anti-Trump atmosphere this D.C. hotel promises to nurture. Newsweek reports that a group of Democrats announced today that they are filing "multiple articles of impeachment against Trump, which was led by Representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee.

With this type of mindset festering in D.C., it looks as if someone saw a unique niche and jumped on it, which ironically is something Trump is known for with the success he's had in the business world.

So what is this hotel going to look like and what would you expect as a future guest soaking up all things liberal in an anti-Trump atmosphere? The mood of the hotel is all figured out, with "fire-side chats" and "lectures" with amenities created to cater to public activism.

The plans include "co-working space for progressive startups, activists, and artists, a writer's residency, where investigative reporters can pursue stories and a multimedia studio where artists can create short films, podcasts, and other content in line with Eaton's philosophy," according to Fox News. Even the staff at this hotel will be handpicked, but not just for their experience in the hospitality or service industry, but for their track record with activism as well.

Depending upon the location of the hotel, there will be messages in places you might not expect. In their Hong Kong hotel, the Bible will be replaced with the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights. Newsweek reports that in the D.C. hotel the minibar will be the place where you will find your Congress member's name and information. Those staying at the hotel for some kind of march, demonstration, or protest could find all the tools and directions for making posters in the minibar as well -- aside from beverages, of course.

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld had some folks in mind as guests for this hotel on his show The Five Wednesday. He discussed the impeachment attempt aimed at Trump by calling the folks heading this campaign "the crybabies of the apocalypse."

The hotel in D.C. that people gravitate to today is the Trump Hotel. This is a favorite of Fox News personalities with Fox News always on at their bar and bacon served on sticks, suggests Gutfeld to his panel of guests. You can watch the video in this article of Gutfeld's discussion on the Trump impeachment movement along with the anti-Trump hotel critique.

"Conference space, room service -- and resistance" is how Newsweek sums up what the hotel will offer. The Eaton Workshop, which is the name of the hotel, will open in D.C. late spring next year. In the lobby, guests will be greeted with a video installation showing footage from the past two presidential elections, 2012 and 2016. This is done with "the intention of making visitors wonder how we ended up in President Donald Trump's America," reports Bloomberg.

The hotel in Washington, D.C., will open next year and the one in Hong Kong will follow, also opening next year. For the hotels that are expected to open in both Seattle and San Francisco, these won't happen any sooner than 2019. According to Fox News, "the hotel will represent the antithesis of the Trump hotel, only a few blocks away from Eaton's planned D.C. location."

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]