Wisconsin Badgers: Exclusive Interview With 2018 4-Star QB Chase Wolf

Chase Wolf may not be a household name just yet for Wisconsin Badgers, but it won't take long for him to get to that point. Wisconsin is currently the No. 8 ranked team in the nation and hold a 10-0 record. That being said, they could still use an upgrade at the quarterback position long-term, which is where Wolf could come into play.

He is currently the No. 34 ranked pro-style quarterback in the 2018 recruiting class. Wolf is committed to the Badgers, although Wisconsin had plenty of competition to get him to commit. Outside of the Badgers, Wolf also had interest from schools like South Carolina, Missouri, and Maryland.

Committing to Wisconsin was without question the best decision for Wolf. He will take over a Big Ten contender with quite a bit of talent on both sides of the football. Wisconsin is also a top-notch recruiting school and will continue to nab high-caliber prospects in the future.

Through 10 games in his senior season, Wolf has completed 64.5 percent of his passes for 1,839 yards, 20 touchdowns, and two interceptions. He also scored four touchdowns on the ground. Those stats come from his Max Preps page.

Wolf took the time to sit down for an exclusive interview with the Inquisitr. If you haven't paid attention to him yet, make sure to read the interview and follow along as he makes the jump to the Big Ten.

First on the agenda was to talk about why he decided to commit to the Badgers.
"I really loved everything about it. I loved the education, the football, the coaches, the players that I'd be associated with, and the beautiful campus. I took all of those things into consideration and I realized that this was everything I wanted."
He also was happy to give a brief breakdown of his game for fans who haven't seen him play.
"I like to think of myself as a gunslinger. I believe when the ball is in my hands anything can happen, whether it would be with my feet or my arm."
Outside of football, Wolf is a fairly normal guy and talked about what he is like when he's not on the gridiron.
"I like to think that I'm a fun guy who also likes to hang out with my friends, but I also like to be my own company sometimes."
Wolf broke down what his biggest strengths and weaknesses are at this stage of his career.
"I would say that a strength of mine would be my quick release, pocket awareness, and decision making. I still need to work on my arm strength and some parts of my QB runs."
Wisconsin should be excited by the goals that Wolf has already set for himself and the team in the future.
"My team goal is to win a Big Ten championship and to win a National Championship of course. My personal goal is to contribute to the team in any way that I can. If that means I start then my goal is to be first team B1G."
As for what the coaching staff has told him about their expectations, Wolf opened up on their clear message.
"They are clear that I fit the program perfectly, but they were also clear that nothing is given, so if I want to play then I have to earn it."
Every fan likes to hear a comparison for a player coming into their program. Wolf has a big-time NFL comparison that he sees himself emulating.
"I would probably say Carson Wentz because of his quick release and his abilities to make something out of nothing."
To all the young quarterbacks out there hoping to play college football, Wolf has a message of advice for you.
"Just be patient and keep grinding. Especially when no one is watching."
Some players view playing in the Big Ten as a big draw. Wolf talked about whether that was a factor for him in his commitment.
"It's a great honor to be able to play in the Big Ten. It wasn't a very big draw for me, but the tradition is very cool. I'm looking forward to playing those Big Ten teams at their great facilities. Those are the teams I used to watch as a kid, so that's pretty cool."
Finally, Wolf sent a brief message to the Wisconsin fans.
"I would like to say that the tradition of winning won't stop and we'll have several rings when it's all said and done."
We hope that you will follow Chase in the next step of his career. Make sure to give him a follow on Twitter at @cwolfie25.

[Feature Image by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images]