Major Angle On WWE Raw Leading To A Heel Turn?

The previous episode of Raw was filled with surprises, as the WWE Universe saw a return and a huge adjustment to the Survivor Series team. Before the major change on the team, there was a match between Jason Jordan and Bray Wyatt to prove the credibility of Jordan, diffusing any signs of favoritism. Jordan would defeat the “Eater of Worlds,” but suffered a leg injury during the match. Following Jordan getting his hands raised, Wyatt attacked him, leaving him questionable for Sunday evening.

Angle would relay this news to Jordan backstage while he was getting assistance, and Jordan begged him to not make that decision. He even used the “dad” card, trying to pull an extra level of emotion out of Angle. Jordan would state that he has been waiting his whole pro wrestling career to be in this position. More importantly, he has been waiting his entire career to team up with his dad. After thinking it through, Angle would make the announcement that he wants everyone at 100 percent on his team, and cannot have anything less. Jordan limped out to the ring and tried to lobby again, but was interrupted by Triple H. The Game would announce that he is the replacement, following by a Pedigree on Jordan.

Where Is This Angle Expected To Go?

While Jason Jordan has an incredible level of athleticism, and was a top babyface in NXT while a member of the American Alpha team with Chad Gable, fans have quickly soured on his character as a singles competitor. WWE has tried to team him up with popular babyfaces, particularly Matt Hardy, as well as feud with with top heels, such as The Miz and Elias. However, the fans are still not interested in cheering him.

This was quite evident when the Atlanta, GA crowd inside the Philips Arena basically put the nail in the coffin regarding Jordan’s career as a babyface. While he was trying to recover from the attack, fans started chanting “thank you Wyatt,” which caused even Booker T to go off script and address the fans. The direction of his character looks to have a sharp turn, and there is strong speculation that Jordan may become a heel sooner than later.

It will be interesting to see how WWE aligns this potential turn with Kurt Angle, as Angle is still rumored to face Triple H at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans, LA.

[Featured Image by WWE]