Charlie Chaplin’s Autotuned ‘Great Dictator’ Speech [Video]

Charlie Chaplin wrote and then gave one of the greatest political speeches ever made 73 years ago.

According to the DailyDot, the speech was given by Chaplin in his film The Great Dictator. This was not only his first real speaking film, it was also his most profitable film.

Chaplin delivered the speech on budget and in front of an unimpressed camera crew. As one of the United Artist studio founders, Chaplin acted as both the film’s producer and director, as well as lead actor.

The original Great Dictator speech was uploaded to YouTube in June of 2006. The original speech has had 4.7 million views and has been used as the basis for countless mashups.

Each of the different mashups have been posted and passed around activist circles with a sometimes cavalier approach to attribution.

The below version of the speech is a mashup of the speech synced with the song “Time” from Inception.

The song lends the speech an appropriate ominous tone.

In 2007, Anonymous and Occupy adopted and passed around this version of the speech, and by doing so it garnered a very impressive 321,916 views.

There have been many versions of the speech, some remixed with contemporary news footage and uploaded as “Message to Humanity.”

John D. Boswell, aka Melodysheep, is the creator of this latest version of the soundtrack. Unfortunately, he was forced to take it off YouTube because of a copyright dispute. However, the track lives on as Track 11 on his album Symphonies for the Soul.

The one to upload the new video accompaniment to Melodysheep’s autotune masterpiece is AnonRoughCoitus … hope you enjoy the video.

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