Unprepared Hiker Fined After Authorities Embark On Rescue Mission

A man who ventured off into the New South Wales’ Blue Mountains without the proper equipment was fined by authorities after being rescued several days later.

The 29-year-old adventurer told friends that he would be hiking through the region for a total of three days. To prepare for the journey, the hiker packed some potatoes and some bread. According to the The Sydney Morning Herald, these are the only items he brought along for the trip.

Despite being ill-prepared for the hike, the man headed off into the wilderness. When he failed to show up at the meeting point, his friends decided to phone police.

The Penrith Press reports that authorities launched an extensive search for the man on Saturday. In order to get a good view of the entire area, police employed the use of two rescue helicopters.

Authorities were soon able to locate the hiker and transported him to safety. The man had reportedly suffered a minor ankle injury during his trek through the mountains. Since the adventurer wasn’t properly prepared for the trip, officials decided to teach him a lesson.

Police Force Rescue commander Brenton Charlton explained:

“We believed the 29-year-old placed himself and the search teams at risk through his lack of planning and preparation, and through carrying inadequate provisions. Getting the basics right with trekking is so easy all people have to do is notify the police or other responsible person of their trip intention and carry a Personal Locator Beacon.”

As a result of his poor decisions, the hiker was fined $500 for partaking “in activity that risks the safety of self/others.” Needless to say, he made a very expensive mistake.

A Massachusetts made the same mistaken in 2009 after he went missing in the woods for three days. The price tag on his adventure: $25,000. According to Towns and Trails, it was the largest fine levied against a missing hiker at the time.

Do you think hikers should be fined for being unprepared?