How Queen Elizabeth II And Prince Philip Are Preparing For Their Final Goodbye

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are getting ready to celebrate their 70th anniversary later this month. The entire royal family will be there to mark the achievement, yet many of the couple’s closest friends are not around to witness the event. With Elizabeth and Phillip aware of their advancing age, an insider revealed how they are preparing for their last goodbye.

A former staff member for the royal family told People that Elizabeth and Philip will not show emotion when they finally part ways. The source believes they will keep a “stiff upper lip” and rely on their religious beliefs to help them deal with the departure.

The pair tied the knot back in 1947 in a gorgeous wedding at Westminster Abbey. Throughout their 70 years together, they rarely showed emotion towards one another in public, and it sounds like that won’t change once they leave this world.

Queen Elizabeth is 91 years old, and Prince Philip is 96. While all signs point towards Elizabeth remaining on the throne until her passing, she is starting to wind down her royal duties. According to Daily Mail, Elizabeth will not take part in Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph. The Queen usually lays down a wreath at the monument in honor of Britain’s fallen soldiers, but she will not perform the ceremony this year. Instead, Prince Charles will take the lead and handle the floral tribute.

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Elizabeth and Philip are planning on watching the ceremony unfold from a balcony at the Foreign and Commonwealth office. A spokesperson from Buckingham Palace confirmed the plans and said Elizabeth wants to stand beside Philip for the event. Philip, of course, retired from his royal duties after turning 96.

The country’s longest-ruling monarch has only skipped out on six Remembrance Sundays. Four of those misses came when she was touring overseas and two when she was pregnant.

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Prince Charles setting the wreath is an important moment and could signal that a change in guard is fast approaching. Queen Elizabeth has always wanted to serve the country until her final days, but there is a small chance that she may step down in the near future.

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