Fiscal Cliff Update: Things Going Well, Senate Chaplain Begging God For Help [Video]

Despite Senator Lindsey Graham’s enthusiastic outlook regarding a fiscal cliff deal on Fox News this morning, other reports seems to indicate that we’re going right over the precipice. In a last-ditch effort for assistance on the fiscal cliff problem, Senate Chaplain Barry C. Black appealed to God in Sunday’s prayer on Capitol Hill.

You can tell things are getting bad when the Senate Chaplain has to plead with God in front of Congress to save the nation from its own elected officials. Chaplain Black managed to squeeze in a few passive-aggressive jabs as well.

“Let us feel your presence today,” Black said. “Look with favor on our nation and save us from self-inflicted wounds.”

He also asked God to give Congress “wisdom” and the “courage” to do the right thing.

Congress is in crunch time this afternoon, and the fiscal cliff is just a day away. After December 31, automatic tax hikes on all Americans will go into effect.

The deadline is drawing near, and if indeed the US government takes its citizenry into another recession of its own design for the sake of moral stubbornness or political gain, many of us will be left shaking our heads. The whole fiscal cliff thing really is getting sad. Senators are up, they’re down, they’re ecstatic, they’re dour. President Obama, who is poised to either take all of the credit if the cliff is averted or zero blame if a deal isn’t reached (that’s just polling, not partisanship talking) is probably going to be one comfy cat come Tuesday morning.

In any case, just like in one’s personal life, you know things probably aren’t going well when you have to ask God for help.

Here’s video, via Mediaite: