Brand-New 'Star Wars' Trilogy, TV Series Coming

The current Star Wars trilogy is about to release its second movie this December with The Last Jedi, directed by Rian Johnson (Brick). There is still one more movie left in this trilogy, which is rumored to end the Skywalker storyline. However, that won't be the end of Star Wars, as Variety just announced a brand-new deal for another trilogy and a possible Star Wars TV series.

The New Star Wars Trilogy

The announcement came from Disney CEO Bob Iger, who announced that there will be a brand-new Star Wars trilogy released after the current one conclude,s and this one will see Rian Johnson develop the story and path of the next three movies.

According to the announcement, Johnson will write the new Star Wars trilogy with his writing partner Ram Bergman. Kathleen Kennedy, who has worked at LucasFilm since before Disney purchased the property, had nothing but good things to say about working with Johnson.

Kennedy also said that the new trilogy under Johnson will be a "blank slate," making it sound like they are moving on from the original story of the Skywalkers and Jedi Knights.

At the moment, the Disney model for Star Wars includes spin-off movies every other year and the trilogy movies on the other years. This year is Last Jedi, next year the Han Solo movie is set to come out, with 2019 featuring the final movie in the current trilogy, and 2020 another spin-off. This means the new Rian Johnson trilogy is not likely to debut until 2021, four years from now.

The New Star Wars TV Show

The second big announcement was a Star Wars live-action television series. Verge reports that this will be part of the new Disney streaming service. Disney will compete for customer's dollars with Netflix, Hulu, and others by offering all their movies and TV shows exclusively on their own service.

The Star Wars TV series will be one of a number of new shows that Disney will roll out to sell its streaming service. Other TV shows announced include adaptations of Monsters Inc., a new High School Musical series, and a new Marvel Comics TV series.

There is no word on what the Star Wars TV series will include, but in the past, LucasFilm used TV to expand on things, such as the Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels taking place between movies in the first six films of the series.

The Disney streaming service launches in 2019. If anything brings in new subscribers, a new Star Wars show is bound to attract fans.

[Featured Image by Hannah Peters/Getty Images]