Maci Bookout Hints She’s Been Used: Did A Friend Betray Her For ‘Teen Mom OG’ Fame?

Maci Bookout Hints She's Been Used: Did A Friend Betray Her For 'Teen Mom OG' Fame?

Maci Bookout isn’t one to trash talk people on social media. This Teen Mom OG is a very private person and she rarely talks about her friends, family members, or even discusses events on the show on social media. Instead, she uses the social media networks to promote products or retweet quotes. However, it sounds like Bookout may have been going through something recently, as she decided to share a tweet with a darker tone. Perhaps a friend has done her wrong and she’s now looking to warn others about such people.

According to a retweet shared on Maci Bookout‘s Twitter account, Maci is warning her fans about people who are nice one minute but don’t seem to care when you have nothing to offer them. Maybe she feels that some people are taking advantage of her friendliness, including people who may be using her for camera time, her massive social media following, or perhaps a job at MTV. Bookout has plenty of connections, so people may enter her life with an ulterior motive. It’s possible that Maci is weeding out people in her life to make sure that she’s not being used by individuals that claim to be her friends.

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“Beware of those who are only friendly when you have something to offer them. A real friend is there when you have nothing to give but love,” the tweet read that Maci retweeted to her own timeline.

One can imagine that these Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 stars hold their contacts at MTV close. They have filmed the show for years and they have earned thousands of dollars. One can imagine that people see an opportunity and they befriend them with the goal of getting a job, making connections with people in the entertainment industry, or befriend them with the goal of borrowing money from these celebrities. It is possible that Maci may have been used, especially since she does meet new people whenever she attends an event, for example.

What do you think about Maci Bookout’s decision to retweet such a tweet? Do you think it’s a general statement or do you think she may have been hurt by someone who claimed to be her friend but wasn’t there for when she had nothing to offer?

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