Two-Hour Massage And Enema For ‘Rare’ Poster … Seems Legit

Just how weird have the people of the world become nowadays?

According to Gawker, a man from Queens, New York has made a rather strange request. The request read:

“i am a mature male with mild osteoarthritis and i am willing to swap this rare 1950s poster for a nice 2 hour massage and internal cleansing. this would make a fantastic christmas gift for someone! have other things for swap as well so this could be a steady thing. ideal situation for student who is learning. if interested please email your contact info and the best time to call. thank you kindly.”

There is something within this post that should be an immediate red flag to those even considering taking the crazy man up on his offer… I mean besides the obvious giving him an enema thing.

This request was posted on December 29… four days after Christmas. In the request, the man said that the poster would “make a fantastic Christmas gift for someone.” So, unless you are already Christmas shopping for next year… steer clear. STRANGER DANGER!

Also, the “rare poster” doesn’t look all that rare. In fact, the image on the poster is also available for $13.99 as a T-shirt.

If anyone is still considering taking this man up on his offer, then please… please tell us how it goes.

If nothing else, give us the time and place. That way we will be able to send help if the guy turns out to be as crazy and shady as we thought.