Robert Herjavec Sues Ex-Girlfriend Over Trying To Extort Him Through False Sexual Assault Charges

Robert Herjavec is now suing an ex-girlfriend who he feels is taking advantage of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse claims and everything else coming out in the news lately. TMZ shared the details about what is going on with Robert and why he is so upset. Robert says that she is actually trying to extort him out of millions of dollars, but all of her claims are false according to the Shark Tank star.

This lawsuit is against Danielle Vasinova. Robert did actually date her back in 2013 and until 2015 and he isn’t denying that part of her claims. He is sharing that when he called it quits she got upset and wanted to share false claims against him about sexual abuse and also that he gave her herpes. Robert said at first she wanted $20 million so she wouldn’t talk and then she lowered it to $5 million.

She even sold a story to the National Enquirer about a club that she talked him into going to and then being strapped to a table, blindfolded, and tickled with a feather. She took pictures to use against him.

The thing is, Robert isn’t denying that he went to the club with her, but he is denying that he sexually assaulted her. On Monday, she contacted him once again claiming that she was going to bring up these assault charges. Now he is done with her and Robert filed a lawsuit against her, but it isn’t about money at all for him. He is pulling a Taylor Swift and only asking for $1. Robert doesn’t need the money, but he does need her to stop accusing him and trying to extort him.

At this time, Danielle has not shared whether she is going to drop the claims; it is not clear what’s going to happen. Robert isn’t going to give up easily, though. He has moved on from her and is now married to Kym Johnson, who he met when he was her partner on the hit show Dancing With the Stars.

What do you think of Robert Herjavec suing his ex-girlfriend over these claims? Do you feel like he is doing the right thing? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Shark Tank with Robert on ABC.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]