Jon Bernthal Of ‘The Punisher’ Says Kevin Spacey Was ‘Bit Of A Bully’ On Set of ‘Baby Driver’

Jon Bernthal, star of the upcoming Netflix superhero show The Punisher, recently spoke about his interactions and observations of actor Kevin Spacey while they were filming a movie together. The two Hollywood stars were both involved in the 2017 heist film Baby Driver which also starred Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx as part of the ensemble cast. More recently, Bernthal has been making the rounds to do various media ahead of his Marvel superhero series The Punisher which will be released later this month. Due to the ongoing interviews, it was bound to happen that Jon Bernthal’s time spent with fellow Netflix star would be brought up as it relates to the recent sexual harassment allegations made against Spacey.

Jon Bernthal appeared on a recent installment of Sirius XM’s Jim and Sam Show hosted by Jim Norton and Sam Roberts. During this particular interview, Norton brought up Kevin Spacey and inquired whether or not Bernthal ever had any observations from working with Spacey. Bernthal mentioned he had a “transformative experience” when he first went to see Spacey on stage as part of the play The Iceman Cometh. However, The Punisher star said when they were on the set of this past year’s hit movie Baby Driver, “I remember him rubbing me the wrong way.” Bernthal also mentioned Spacey came off as “a bit of a bully” with how he treated people on set. Norton followed up to ask if he meant sexually or aggressively in terms of being a bully and Bernthal indicated it seemed like a mixture of both.

Baby Driver cast including Kevin Spacey
Jon Bernthal was part of the Baby Driver cast pictured here, which also included actor Kevin Spacey (third from right.) [Image by AP Photo]

At one point Bernthal gave his opinions on the recent allegations that are circulating about prominent Hollywood individuals.

“The fact of the matter is if you behave like a monster, nowadays you’re gonna get called out for that s**t. And you f**king should man. And times need to change with that stuff.”

Jon Bernthal was also careful during this interview to say he didn’t want to “pile on” Spacey just to do so. However, it seems from his description that Spacey was a guy who tried to use his power to get his way on set. That seems to fit the allegations against him as well in which a 26-year-old Spacey was said to have made unwanted sexual advances towards a 14-year-old, as well as more allegations that have come to light since that news.

As of last week, Netflix officially cut ties with Kevin Spacey ahead of a previously-reported sixth season of his show House of Cards. Actor Jon Bernthal will be the latest star of his own series as he appears in the Daredevil spinoff show, Marvel’s The Punisher which arrives Friday, November 17 on Netflix.

[Featured Image by Joel Ryan/Invasion/AP Images]