Farrah Abraham's New Siblings Are 'Teen Mom' Fans, 'Have Issues' With Reality Star

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham gained some new family members over the weekend when her mother, Debra Danielson, married Dr. David Metz. Debra and David blended their families, which consists of Deb's two daughter, Ashley and Farrah, and David's children.

However, according to a report by In Touch Weekly magazine, David Metz's children may be less than thrilled to welcome Farrah Abraham into their family since they've been watching Teen Mom OG for years. It seems that Farrah's new step-siblings are less than enthusiastic to have Abraham on their family tree.

David tells the publication that his children "have issues" with MTV and Teen Mom OG. Metz says that his kids have watched the show in the past, and that they knew all about Farrah and Debra before he did. David goes on to say that his daughter is the "same age" as Farrah Abraham and that she has been watching the show "for years and years and years."

"Honestly, they've had issues with the MTV and Teen Mom thing. They knew about it before I knew anything about it. They knew more about Debra than I did. Especially my daughter, she's the same age as Farrah. She'd been watching for years and years and years."
Since David's children are seemingly such big Teen Mom OG fans, it seems that they have seen Farrah Abraham and Debra Danielson go through some serious issues in the past. Abraham and her mother have always had a rocky relationship, and things haven't gotten any easier for them. They tend to argue a lot, and during an early episode of the show, Debra even hit Farrah in the face. A couple of seasons later, Farrah called the police on her mother for allegedly physically attacking her.

David's kids would have also likely seen Farrah Abraham's explosive fight with their father during a previous season of Teen Mom OG. Farrah and David got into a heated argument while on family vacation together with Debra, Sophia, and Farrah's boyfriend, Simon. Later, Abraham vowed that she would not attend her mother's wedding.

However, Farrah Abraham did attend the wedding, which took place last weekend in Omaha, Nebraska. Abraham wore a black pantsuit and served as honorary maid of honor for her mother. She even gave a touching speech that welcomed David Metz into her family.

What are your thoughts on Farrah Abraham's new step-siblings being Teen Mom OG fans?

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