Washington Gym Owner Fends Off Knife-Wielding Attacker

Longview, WA – A man with a knife bit off more than he could chew when he set his targets on gym owner Greg Price.

The Longview business owner was able to get the upper hand on a situation that could have been deadly. According to KGW, Greg Price stopped by his gym on Christmas Day to use the restroom. That’s when the attacker reportedly broke one of the windows on the owner’s vehicle and snatched some of the items inside.

Price explained:

“All of the sudden, I go towards my car, I see a guy standing over my car, I say ‘Oh my God.’ He has the printer that I got for Christmas in his arm. He takes the knife and swings it. I duck, punch him in the stomach. As I do that, he drops the knife and I went down and got him.”

The gym owner told KATU that he was able to get the knife away from the attacker. As the scuffle continued, Price said that he was able to stab the thief in the side. However, Price thinks the man’s hoodie prevented the knife from seriously injuring his assailant.

Although the man got away with the items from Price’s truck, the gym owner managed to escape the situation unharmed. The thief reportedly made off with the printer and an envelope containing around $500 in cash.

Price believes it was his training that allowed him to overpower the knife-wielding attacker. However, the gym owner said he considers himself lucky to have been able to walk away from the confrontation without getting hurt.

Sadly, the incident involving a Longview, Washington gym owner was just one of many attacks that took place around the United States on Christmas Day. According to the San Jose Mercury News, a man was arrested at a South San Francisco supermarket after an attempted robbery went awry.