November 3, 2017
National Sandwich Day 2017 Deals: Subway, Arby's & Quiznos Among Day's Deals

This Friday is National Sandwich Day 2017 with deals available at several popular sandwich shops and fast food establishments. Among the places where customers can pick up deals on tasty sandwiches will be Subway, Arby's, Quiznos, and Firehouse Subs. Here are the latest details on how to participate in deals at nearby establishments offering incentives on National Sandwich Day.

Today is a day to celebrate the greatness of all the sandwiches that have satisfied appetites and pallets for years. While many people believe the sandwich was invited by a man named Earl of Sandwich, What's Cooking America indicates the food item came about long before his time. The sandwich was said to have first started back in 1st century B.C. when rabbi Hillel the Elder started Passover with a mixture of nuts, apples, spices and wine between two matzohs. This was the first known creation of a sandwich, and later resulted in the "Hillel Sandwich" being named in his honor.

The first written instance of the word came about in November of 1762 when Edward Gibbons recorded seeing two wealthy noblemen gathered in a coffee room at a table eating "a bit of cold meat, or a Sandwich." From there, the rest is history as people in the modern days speak of Subway and Quiznos in a second nature manner as they head out for lunch on work breaks, weekends, or just hit their favorite sub shop when the time feels right.

National Sandwich Day 2017 deals subway
Subway is among the restaurants participating in National Sandwich Day 2017. [Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

So what about the deals? It's reported via Heavy that today Subway is offering a buy one get one free sandwich deal at participating locations. That means there are deals to be had at over 40,000 Subway locations in 60 countries worldwide. All that's required is buying a sandwich and a drink to get a free sandwich of equal or lesser value. In addition, when customers partake in this deal, Subway is donating one meal to the Feeding America cause for hunger relief.

At Quizno's, customers can get their 8-inch classic Italian sub for $5. The Subway competitor also has a coupon available here which customers can download to get a dollar off an 8-inch or 12-inch sub, or a full salad today. The coupon is said to be valid until November 19th, giving over two weeks to make good use of the savings. Quiznos has fewer locations around than Subway does, but this location finder will aid customers who want to find their nearest location.

Another sandwich shop that has plenty of popularity in various locations is Firehouse Subs. For the latest celebration of sandwiches, they have coupons which are good for free chips and a drink if someone buys a sub at their locations. These work for the "first 50 customer orders at every location." though. More details are available at the Firehouse Subs website. They also announced on their Twitter they are giving out a special pin as well as a "special offer" with this deal.

While Arby's fast food restaurants do not have any specific deal for National Sandwich Day 2017, they do offer customers who sign up for their online newsletter a nice deal. When someone signs up at the Arby's website here, they will receive a coupon good for a free Roast Beef Classic sandwich with the purchase of a drink at Arby's locations.

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]